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Make Your Website Work Harder for Your Rental Company

by Aron Sweeney - Sr. Marketing Manager On Sep 12, 2019, 03:00 AM

Take a fresh look at your rental business’s website. Is it doing everything it can for you in the year ahead? Here’s what to consider.

How is your website building your brand?

If exceptional customer service is the focus of your brand message, for example, that theme should reinforce itself in every section of your site. Your “About Us” segment might talk about how your parents started your business in 1962, but it needs to connect the dots back to customer service — e.g., “ … and we’ve built our longevity on putting our customers’ needs and satisfaction first.”

Think about what each section can do to echo that message. Even your equipment listing page can feature a customer satisfaction guarantee or availability policy that bolsters your brand message.

Are you keeping content current?

It’s 2018. If someone visits your site and sees your “Spring 2016 Specials” listed, it doesn’t scream that you’reMake Your Website Work Harder for Your Rental Company on top of things — which reflects poorly on how responsive you are in running your business and meeting customer needs. So, assign someone to check and update your content at least on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Your equipment list is an important place to start. You may have recently invested a lot of money in five new pieces of equipment, but until you list them on your site, making visitors aware of them, you may be missing out on rentals.

What’s new?

If you’re now offering a new line of equipment, feature it on your homepage. Just hired a great new manager who has 25 years of construction industry experience and knowledge that can benefit customers? Highlight those things to further set yourself apart from your competition — and to demonstrate that you’re a vibrant business that’s always working to improve and give your customers more.

Do you look like the pros you are?

Don’t let poor-quality photos on your website undermine how you want to represent your business. And since equipment is your bread and butter, show it off with the best photography you can obtain. Many manufacturers have photo libraries you may be able to access for your use.

How can your customers make your point?

Adding testimonials to your site is as easy as asking a happy customer for a photo of themselves and a few words about why they choose your business. Again, if customer service is your branding focus, for example, it’s great to see a brief quote about all of the times you’ve gone the extra mile for a customer — in their own words.

Go to your website right now. Look at it from the viewpoint of a current or prospective customer. Then, give it a facelift to make it work for you.

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