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Telescopic_Icon Telescopic Boom Lift

What Is a Telescopic Boom Lift? 

Telescopic boom lifts can have one or more boom sections that extend outward in a straight line. They can reach higher than other types of aerial lifts and have a greater horizontal outreach than any other type of aerial platform, which lets users work around obstacles and on taller structures. Perfect for work in areas with limited access, Genie® S® telescopic boom lifts are engineered to enhance working efficiency. They deliver industry-leading outreach and capacity throughout a full working envelope for incredible operational accessibility.

Telescopic vs. Articulating Boom Lift

Although both types of aerial lifts give users access to elevated work areas, each machine has advantages that make it better suited for certain types of jobs. Telescopic booms offer more horizontal outreach than any other aerial platform — so if you need the maximum combination of both height and reach, a telescopic boom is probably the best choice. But if your work area has obstacles that would block a straight-line boom, consider an articulated boom lift; with its multiple pivot points, an articulated boom lift can go “up and over” those obstacles. Learn more about the differences between these two types of aerial lifts.