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Focus on Content to Keep Your Rental Company’s Website Relevant

by Genie On Mar 15, 2018, 03:00 AM

With more and more marketers focusing on inbound marketing campaigns to drive and deliver new rental business opportunities, content marketing (producing valuable, engaging content tailored to a specific audience) is bigger than ever because it builds your rental company’s brand and keeps your business top-of-mind during the renting process.

Your content marketing bag of tricks most likely includes a little bit of everything — from newsletters, case studies, technical papers, press releases and feature articles to blogs, videos, social media and your company website. Because you have so many options and opportunities with content marketing, having a good content plan is essential.

Focus on Content to Keep Your Rental Company’s Website RelevantOf all the content marketing tools available to you, your rental company’s website is one of the most powerful. It helps potential customers find you, it keeps current clients knowledgeable about you, it helps you establish credibility in your markets and it leaves an impression about what kind of company you are. And because the internet is a platform that is always changing and evolving, your content plan needs to include regular website updates.

Updates, not overhauls…please don’t think you need to regularly redesign or revamp your website. That can be very costly and time consuming…and let’s be honest, the challenge, especially for smaller rental companies, is that you want to do it, but you are also very busy running your business. It’s just not feasible to regularly redo your website.

Instead, focus on making small, constant updates with content to keep your rental company’s website fresh and relevant. This tactic should include:

  • Incorporating a feed from your blog and social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.)
  • Keeping your news section up-to-date with the latest company news
  • Linking to recently published news and articles
  • Rotating case studies and technical papers every few weeks
  • Archiving older content

The best way to get started with your content updates is to make a list of questions your rental customers might have (or problems they may be trying to solve — issues that your business can address). Then, review your current inventory of content to identify what you already have available and what you need to create to respond to these questions. Finally, develop an editorial calendar that plans out when you will post new content to your site.

You don't need to post new content to your website every day, but regular updates (weekly, monthly, quarterly) based on a questions-driven editorial calendar will definitely create more opportunities for you to communicate with your key stakeholders (customers and industry influencers). And, regular content updates will help increase your rental company’s search ranking so renters can more easily find you!

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