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For more than fifty years Genie has provided education, support and solutions that fleet owners, employers and operators depend on to help protect their investment and livelihood.


Who better to provide the training than the people who make the lifts?

Whether in-person or online, Genie can help train your team to operate, sell or maintain your aerial equipment to its full potential. We offer safety training for operators or instructors, in-depth product training for salespeople and service training for technical personnel; all designed by the people who know your equipment best.

For high quality functional training at your convenience, we recommend our Pro Suite online classes: Genie Lift Pro for online operator training, available through participating Genie Dealers, and Tech Pro for online service training classes, available to order from us.

Qualified and Certified

In the aerial work platform industry the terms “qualified” and “certified” are often used interchangeably in connection with training for employees who operate or maintain mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPS). Take a look at the Genie Insights on "qualified” and “certified” below to learn more:

Definitions of Qualified and Certified

Lift Pro Online Operator Training

Genie Lift Pro

Safety is always job one on every work site. Most accidents or equipment damage happens when operators overlook important safety precautions or don’t fully understand how to operate equipment. That’s why Genie developed this two-part program, delivering a standardized MEWP or telehandler training package, to help operators stay safe and fleet owners reduce their repair costs.

LiftPro Online Training Modules

Genie Lift Pro Training

  • Designed by the manufacturer for high-quality, simple and standardized delivery
  • Meets applicable ANSI, OSHA and CSA requirements
  • Is applicable to operators of most MEWPs or telehandler brands, makes and models

How It Works:

  1. Purchase direct from a participating Genie Distributor.
  2. Complete the general training anytime, online and at your own pace. Video, graphics and narration make it easier to follow and learn.
  3. Complete a short hands-on training with your Genie Dealer for instruction and experience operating the applicable MEWP or telehandler models.
  4. Receive your Genie Lift Pro aerial access card verifying completion of the training required to become a qualified MEWP or telehandler operator.

For Questions:
Phone: 1-800-536-1800

Genie Distributors:
It’s your equipment, why let someone else do the training? A Genie Lift Pro online operator user account is available to order on or by calling 1-877-367-5606, under part number 160674CARD for MEWPs and 1259260CARD for telehandlers.

Lift Pro Train the Trainer Courses

Train the Trainer

Genie Lift Pro Train the Trainer courses are designed to qualify operators in the safe use of Mobile Elevated Work Platforms or Telehandlers and then provide additional helpful training techniques and information that can improve their ability to deliver a successful Genie Operator Training Course. After having completed the Train-the Trainer course, the trainee's employer must determine if they are then qualified, as defined by criteria set forth in OSHA and ANSI, to train other trainers or operators

The course is delivered using curriculum that combines both formal and hands-on training. Each participant will receive a Lift Pro Operator Training Kit upon successful completion of the course.

Learn More About the Genie Lift Pro Train the Trainer Courses

Train the Trainer Calendar


Lift Pro Operator Training Kits

The Lift Pro MEWP and Telehandler Operator Training Kits are available for qualified trainers for the purpose of training operators or other trainers. The kits consist of:

  • Reproducible trainers guide
  • Reproducible participants guide
  • CD and DVD training videos (not to be used as stand alone training)
  • Multiple sample operator manuals
  • Multiple ANSI Manual of Responsibilities
  • Ten certificates of completion and operator cards

These materials should only be used in their entirety with the rest of the kit contents and in conjunction with a trainer's extensive knowledge of both the industry and product to create an educational, interactive, and successful training course.

For more information:
Phone: +1-800-536-1800

Genie® Tech Pro™ Service Training

Genie Tech Pro Logo

Ensure that your aerial equipment is maintained to the highest standard. Genie Tech Pro online and in-person courses give you the technical training you need to get the job done right and advance your career. Please contact us at with any questions you have.

Online Training

Our cutting-edge online training platform is easy to use to help you acquire the technical skills you need to succeed. Sign up today and enjoy.

  • Courses on technical topics like hydraulics, AC drive systems, machines and more
  • Less downtime and no travel expenses with around-the-clock access from any computer
  • Training at your own pace
  • Personalized learning plans based on current trainee skills and specific needs
  • Progress reports accessible to managers for improved coaching and support
  • Certificate of training for each completed course and badges for attaining certain levels (beginner through master)
  • An app to access the training program on mobile devices

Current customers can self-register at

Series 100 Product Training & Online Product Training

Genie Series 100 Training

Genie has offered product training for more than fifty years and continue our tradition of continuous education and development for our customers and team members alike.

Genie Series 100 Product Training will help you expand your knowledge of the Genie culture, the Genie Team, and Genie product features and benefits, and help you develop the skills to become your customer’s trusted partner and solution provider for aerial lift equipment.

The Series 100 Product Training can be presented in a classroom format at your location or at the Genie headquarters located in Redmond, Washington, or you can access the individual online training modules below. The classroom version is a highly interactive course that includes classroom presentations, product demonstrations, facility tours, hands-on operation and much more. The online version may be taken at the participant’s leisure and is always available 24/7.

For more information:
Phone: +1-800-536-1800

Online Product Training Presentations

Learn more about the full range of Genie products through these full-lengh interactive presentations:

Genie Aerial Pros

Genie Aerial Pros

Genie Aerial Pros is dedicated to educating the aerial industry on important subjects, such as upcoming changes to ANSI and CSA standards, safety and training, service, product introductions and new applications. The website also gives customers’ insights on sales and marketing best practices, company news, as well as upcoming industry and  company events. Content featured on Genie Aerial Pros includes tips and trends articles, product bulletins and videos, industry alerts, customer success stories, testimonials and more.

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