Know Why Your Rental Company Is Using Social Media

by Aron Sweeney - Sr. Marketing Manager On Mar 28, 2019, 03:00 AM

If you’re on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc., do you have a clear reason why your rental business is participating there or are you out there because “everybody else is doing it”?

Social media offers great potential outreach to customers and prospective customers. But like any other communication vehicles, you need a plan and measurable goals. Do you just want an electronic “thumbs up” from a certain number of followers or do you want a handful of prospects to respond to a New Customer offer?

While the immediacy of posting new information on the spur of the moment is wonderful, it’s also important to have a bigger, longer-term strategy for what you want to achieve.

Start with your audience

Know Why Your Rental Company Is Using Social Media Think about your customers and the best social media platforms for reaching them. They might be connected to your business via their company’s social media accounts — but also as individuals. Either way, someone has said yes to receiving your feed of information.

Just keep in mind the personality of each social media vehicle and what your audience expects from it. They might, for example, turn to LinkedIn for more serious business information such as links to new OSHA regulations that relate to some of the equipment they rent from your business. On Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, maybe a photo and a quick announcement about the new team member you hired or a new line of equipment you offer is the right way to go.

There aren’t a lot of rules, but take note of how many people hit the like button (or don’t) for your posts. It’s quick, free feedback on the value of what you’ve shared.

Tips for success

  • Find a happy medium between posting content daily and once every six months. If you’re going to have a social media presence, have one — but don’t overdo it. Planning, and sticking with, a calendar for consistent postings (e.g., every Wednesday or every other Thursday) throughout the year will help a lot. And, so will a dedicated person who takes responsibility for keeping your activity going.
  • Educating customers via social media is great, but also invite them to take action. Ask them to click on a link, stop by your location to see and demo new equipment, opt in for your text alerts on promotions or events, etc.
  • Show your professionalism by representing your team, equipment and customers (such as a Hardworking Customer of the Month post) with clear and timely messages, and good-quality photos. In the case of equipment you’ve purchased, professional images may be available for your use from the equipment manufacturer. Ask your manufacturer representative.

The sky’s the limit when it comes to ways to use social media. A little planning, focus and consistency will go a long way toward helping you develop an effective online presence that supports your business goals.

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