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Welcome to Ask Me Anything with the Genie Team on the Genie® Certified Pre-Owned Equipment Program.  Watch the brief introduction below for this event:

Additional articles on our Certified Pre-Owned Program and Used Equipment can be found here on Aerial Pros:

You can also view our inventory of used equipment here:

You can view the Q & A below from this event:


Q: Is there any training on repair of Geni equipment available for my technicians in the OHIO area


A: Hi Adam! You can learn more about Tech Pro, Genie’s technician training program, here: You can also self-register for free at For more information on our instructor-led training course, please contact


Q: I have a 2002 genie 2668rt. I can’t seem to set the drive speed. It wants to drive as fast as possible therefore if the ground is sandy it gets stuck. Also when I go to lift it struggles really hard till about 4 feet or so then it’s ok. Any ideas


A: Thank you for contacting us, Abraham! For assistance with your rough terrain scissor lift, please contact the Genie dealer nearest to you by going to our Dealer Locator and entering your postal code in the search bar:


Q: What is the difference between used, certified, and recon equipment?


A: Used Equipment is the product which Genie trades and would sell (as is condition) Certified Used and
Certified Recondition equipment is factory approved and supported by a factory inspection and warranty program.

1- Certified Used is 3 to 6 years of age with small improvements with a 24 month limited warranty
2- Certified reconditioned is 6 to 11 years of age and is fully refurbished with a 36 month warranty


Q: What are the cost differences between certified pre-owned, used, and new equipment?


A: Hi Sam

Our Certified Reconditioned product normally sells at a % of OEC, depending on the age will determine the %

Currently our Genie Certified Reconditioned product will sell at 62% to 65% of OEC


Q: How long does it take to receive certified preowned and recon machines?


A: Hi Janis.  Since we launched the program in February we have had significant demand which has increased our delivery times
however we have just open to two new centers in South Carolina and California. This will allow us to expand our
product offering. We planned to have inventory available when needed.


Q: What is the warranty for a certified preowned machine?


A: The Genie Certified Reconditioned product has a 36 month limited warranty. The Genie Certified Used Product has 24 limited warranty. All warranties are supported directly by the factory.


Q: Where can I see the list of used equipment that is currently available?


A: You can see all of the available Used Inventory at the Genie Website. ( There you can see our used inventory as well as our Certified Used & Certified Reconditioned products. You can also reach out to your local Genie Sales Rep or our Used Equipment team.


Q: Do you have any 1, 2, or 3 year old lifts in your used or preowned inventory?


A: Yes we do, most of our equipment in the 1, 2, 3 years of age bracket goes into our Genie Certified Used Program. Our Used Equipment team or your local Genie new equipment rep can assist.


Q: Can I use Terex Financial Services to finance?


A: Great question, yes we are working programs that will allow you to access funding through Terex Financial Services. We will have more information regarding our finance packages in the near future.


Q: Hi there. What is the difference between used, certified used, and certified reconditioned equipment?


A: Used equipment for Genie is the equipment which we trade from our customers. Our used equipment will sell in an as is condition or rent ready depending on the budget of the customer and the equipment has minimal value add. Certified Pre Owned is broken down into two categories, Certified Used and Certified Reconditioned. Depending on which category you purchase will determine how much value add is applied. Certified used has annual inspections and minor cosmetic improvements with the Certified Reconditioned product being the flag ship portfolio with the full refurbishment being applied. The Certified Pre owned products also operate with factory warranties.


Q: What is the general pricing difference between used, certified pre-owned, and reconditioned equipment? Compared to new?


A: Great question, used equipment is considered a commodity and is driven by the current market value. Used pricing shifts all the time and factors like rental demand and factory lead-times can impact used equipment values. Certified used and reconditioned equipment under the Certified Pre Owned program are all priced in relation to the original Equipment Cost. To give you an example Genie Certified Reconditioned products will vary between 62% to 65% of the equipment cost depending on the age of the core which was used to build the certified product.


Q: How does warranty work with used and certified pre-owned machines?


A: The warranty program for the Genie Certified Pre Owned program works the same way as our new machine warranty program. You can submit a regular warranty claim through or warranty department and the claim will be either approved or denied.


Q: Who is the key contact for questions about used and pre-owned equipment?


A: You can access our certified Pre Own products through our sales team or our Used Equipment Sales team.

The best method is to reach out to your regular Genie territory sales rep and he will be able to assist.


Q: Help, I have an older Simon AT40C manlift. It just started something new. I’ll be moving forward or backwards and it just stops moving. I’ll let it sit and I have a 50% chance it will move. It feels like the wheels have the brakes on. I’ll restart and stalls without moving. I live in Paso Robles CA, if anyone has an Idea.


A: For assistance with your machine, please contact your nearest dealer by visiting our Dealer Locator and entering your postal code into the search bar:


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