Advantages of Buying Used Aerial Work Platforms from Your OEM

Galen Wickstrom

by Galen Wickstrom - National Accounts Manager On Dec 7, 2017, 03:00 AM

Advantages of Buying Used Aerial Work Platforms from Your OEM

There are many ways to buy used aerial work platforms in today’s technology-driven world. You can shop online, browse the equipment trader magazines, seek out a private seller or buy at auction. However, if you want to get the best value from your investment, you should start your search for used aerial equipment at the companies who built the lifts or telehandlers in the first place — the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). There isn’t a more qualified used equipment source than the OEM to ensure a piece of equipment is in good working order, that it meets safety standards and to guarantees your overall satisfaction.

Maybe you didn’t know that OEMs, like Genie, sell used equipment in addition new Advantages of Buying Used Aerial Work Platforms from Your OEMproducts. Many rental stores prefer not sell their used equipment themselves. They would rather trade those units in on new aerial models. That’s where we come in — we buy back used aerials and then put each and every machine through a thorough inspection and fix anything that requires attention before listing it on our used equipment page ( The Genie used equipment site contains hundreds of products that can be searched by product type, location, hours, price and brands — that’s right, we don’t just offer Genie products.

So now that you know how it works, let’s take a look at the reasons why you should consider buying your used aerial equipment from an OEM:

  1. OEMs are suppliers you know and trust. The most important decision when buying used equipment is, “Do I trust the individual or organization that I’m buying it from?” When money is exchanged for a piece of equipment, you want to know getting a fair deal and the aerials you’re purchasing was properly represented by the seller. With an OEM, you know exactly who you’re buying from, which eliminates concerns about getting “scammed” or any uncertainty about the condition of the equipment you’re buying.
  • This level of trust can also save you time and money. OEMs are one of the only used equipment sources that may not require you to do your own inspection. Why? OEMs, by law, can’t sell equipment that is unsafe or doesn’t perform as designed. This means that they have inspected each machine and have fixed anything that may have something wrong with it before listing it for sale. As a buyer, you’ll get more detail about a machine’s condition and the assurance that everything is in good working order. Of course, if you still want to look over the machine for yourself, you have that option.
  • Also, if you ever do have an issue with an aerial you purchased from an OEM, you don’t have to worry about them suddenly going silent and not returning your calls. OEMs certainly aren’t fly-by-night type of organizations.
  1. Your used equipment purchase will meet all manufacturer performance and safety specifications. OEMs must ensure any used equipment they sell meet all performance and safety specifications. That means if a lift’s specs indicate it can travel on a 30% grade (new), it still must be able to do it even after several hundred hours.
  • Also, every service and safety bulletin is pulled for the machine to determine if all required work has been performed. For equipment listed on, this process is followed for every machine listed, even if was manufactured by another company.
  1. You won’t pay more, but you will get more. One of the biggest misconceptions about buying used equipment from an OEM is that you’ll pay more, and that’s simply not true. Used equipment pricing is set by the market, the rule of supply and demand, and OEMs certainly aren’t exempt from it. Unlike other used equipment sellers who list machines that are in the process of being taken out of circulation, the used equipment listed on an OEM’s website has also been properly inspected and any needed service or repair work has been performed, which means you get more value for your used equipment investment.
  1. You’ll potentially have access to OEM financing. Not all sellers offer in-house financing on used equipment. Most OEMs, including Genie, give you, the buyer, competitive financing options — similar to what you would find on a new machine.

The next time you’re in the market for used aerial equipment turn to the companies you trust and who built the products in the first place. You won’t be disappointed.

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