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Search Smarter When Buying Used MEWP Equipment

by Genie On May 3, 2018, 03:00 AM

Whether you’re a rental company or a contractor looking for used MEWP equipment to buy, you have similar search and purchase options. You can buy from another rental company or contractor who is selling a machine you want. Online and on-site auctions are available, too. You could even thumb through a weekly trader magazine.

Each of those routes has its own drawbacks — from limited time and access for thorough inspections to rushed decisions to keep up with the pace of auction bidding. So, let’s look at a place to search that’s solid and smart from top to bottom, and that helps eliminate financial and safety risks you may incur with used MEWP equipment purchased elsewhere.

Many buyers find the best return on their investment when they start their search with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). That’s because, in addition to designing and building the equipment, they are unrivaled sources for making sure a lift, telehandler or other MEWP equipment is in top working order that meets safety standards.

Further, they have a long-standing, trusted reputation they work to maintain. They neither want nor need to make a quick buck or scam you by misrepresenting a piece of equipment. That can’t be said about all sellers.

Search Smarter When Buying Used MEWP is a reliable starting point for used aerial equipment buyers. The user-friendly website lists hundreds of thoroughly inspected (and repaired as needed) pieces of equipment. It makes it quick and easy to narrow your search by type of equipment, make, model, maximum price, preferred drive package, your location and more. It offers competitively priced units — and a range of makes, not just equipment from Genie.

Another plus: Your used equipment purchase will meet all manufacturer performance and safety specifications. OEMs must ensure any used equipment they sell meets all performance and safety specifications.

Also, all service and safety bulletins are pulled for the machine to determine if all required work has been performed. For equipment listed on, this process is followed for every machine listed, even if was manufactured by another company.

The more you work with trusted sources, the less luck you’ll need, and the more peace of mind you’ll have.

What you can expect when researching Genie® Used Equipment

Buying used equipment can be a smart way to reduce investment cost and increase profit margins. The Genie® Certified Pre-Owned Program is designed to extend the value of customers’ Genie aerial fleet throughout the life of the equipment. Genie Certified Pre-Owned equipment is showcased on in three different categories:

  1. Genie Certified Used Equipment is available with a limited 24-month manufacturer’s warranty.
  2. Genie Certified Reconditioned Equipment comes with a limited 36-month warranty on all components reconditioned by Genie, a 36-month/3,000-hr powertrain warranty on DEUTZ Xchange remanufactured engines and a 1-year powertrain warranty on all other engine brands.
  3. “As Is,” offering a fully functional, structurally sound and safe-operating condition guarantee from Genie.
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