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A huge thank you to everyone that participated in this Preventative Maintenance | Ask Me Anything with the Genie Team! Check out Genie Aerial Pros and our social media channels for more information on preventative maintenance.  


Welcome to Ask Me Anything with Bob Bartley on Preventative Maintenance! Watch the brief introduction and ask your question below:

Additional information on Preventative Maintenance can be found here:


See the Q&A here:

Q: (Don): What is a code 02?

  • A: Hi Don! The code you are referring to is generally associated with a Genie Scissor lift and is a communications error between the lower panel and the upper control console. Information on the code can be found in the service manual at the link provided: You’ll want to be sure to refer to the manual that pertains to the serial number of your machine. If you are in need of someone to come to your location to repair the unit, you can use the “Dealer locator” on our website to find the Genie Dealer nearest to you for assistance:

Q: (JJ): We move a lot of Terex Machines. Is their and easier way to load the cone crusher? and do you have classes for truck drivers to take to learn how to handle the machines.

Q: (Rajan): Rajan varghese from India. I have 24 years of experience in Deutz engines. Any chance for me as a Deutz engine technician. 

  • A: Hi Rajan! While we don't have engine specialized techs, this would be an overall Terex AWP tech. To review current job opportunities with us to which you can apply, please visit

(Kevin M.) :  Can you send me a document that summarizes the new changes required for manufacturers and operators of MEWPs? 

  • A: Hi Kevin! You can find overall preparedness guidance at that page, under the section labeled “Download our printable quick reference guides,” you’ll find a summary document, as well as Safe Use Plan Guidance.

(John C.): When I place an Genie parts order from Olympia Washington that show in stock in North bend Washington to perform my "maintenance" one why is it sent all the way to Oregon and then back to Olympia Washington OR it takes three to five days to get to me when in stock one and a half hours north of my location. 

  • A: Hi John!This may be a situation that takes place with UPS / FedEx, but for further details on your specific situation, please contact the Genie Parts team directly at or (877) 367-5606.You can also visit the Genie Parts page for further reference:

(Andy A.) : Actually have a question regarding the training requirements. Understanding that CSA is introducing a new reg., does it include the validity of the training? Does it expire after a certain amount of years? 

(J. Ron B.):  when quoting PM service for customers, what would be the quick easy way to find all filters for the unit they have? is there a kit for all units with one part number? 

  • A: Hi J. Ron! If you are with the unit, there is a decal next to the engine that has all of the filter numbers on it. If not, using the parts manual on our website, using the “Serial number Smart parts lookup” the filters can be identified. We are working to establish “Service kits” and should have something in the near future.

(Hayden G.):  Does Genie sell PM kits?  

  • A: Hi Hayden! We are working to establish “Service kits” and should have something in the near future.

(John):  We have a GR20 with bad tires on the non steering wheels. We're having a devil of a time removing the wheels to replace them. We've tried warming the wheels before using a proper wheel puller to no avail....they're stuck on. What next? Thank you.

  • A: Hi John!  For this, first ensure the persons working on the unit have the proper PPE equipment. Remove the retaining pin (that keeps the castle nut from turning), then remove the castle nut. Placing the proper puller on the wheel to be removed, place tension on the puller by tightening the end of the threaded puller shaft and strike with a hammer. This will usually dislodge the stuck wheel. I would not apply heat as the heat may transfer to the brake assembly and cause damage to the seals, thus requiring additional repairs.

 (Drew): Do you have a list of which items would be considered "out of service" criteria during a daily inspection? For example, would you recommend taking an aerial lift out of service for not having a user's manual with the lift? Or would you reserve the out of service status for more serious issues, such as fluid leaks, damaged tires, faulty controls, etc?

  • A: Hi Drew! Any item that can’t be successfully completed in a daily inspection to pass requires the unit to stay out of service until it can pass.This not only applies to daily inspections, but all required inspections.

(Gid): what do i do if the boom speed dial dose not work on my z45-22 genie duel fuel lift serial number z45-004336

(Mike M.): We just recently purchased an AWP-36S lift. Love it. Exactly the right tool for the job. Is there a Preventative Maintenance manual for this lift? What should I be doing after each lift? weekly? monthly? annually? Thanks for your help and guidance.

(Seth W.): Does my mechanic have to be “certified and or qualified” in order to do this work and what is the definition of both?

(Tam L.) : Is preventative maintenance covered by warranty? 

  • A: Hi Tam!Preventative maintenance is not covered by warranty. However performing the proper preventative and scheduled maintenance will greatly reduce the probability of a breakdown and potentially increase the uptime of your unit(s) thus, increasing the ROI (Return on Investment) of the unit(s), while decreasing the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) of the unit(s). Properly performed preventative and scheduled maintenance can lead to fewer unforeseen repairs and breakdowns.

(Gid):  If the serial number is z45-004336 what manual do I need? 

Q: (Silvestro R.): What is code 79-13 and is there a fix for this problem?

  • A: Hi Silvestro! Code 79 -13 is usually related to software and requires a software update to be performed on the unit. First go to the lower control area display, with the key switch in ground controls mode, pull out on the Emergency stop button (Red button), and make a note of the 6-digit number and letter shown on the display. You will need to pay close attention as the number and letter won’t stay on the screen very long. Please provide the 6-digit number and letter shown in the display and the model and serial number of the unit, allowing us to confirm the unit and recommend the software version required.  
Q: (Tony E.): Does telematics tell me when I need to do preventative maintenance?

  • A: Hi Tony!The current telematics system will provide the hours being shown on the hour meter. Using the hour meter reading and the service manual you can determine what service interval requires completion. For more information on Genie® Lift Connect™ telematics, please visit or contact the Genie Lift Connect telematics team at

Q: (Jack G.): Do you have a list of things I should be looking for to help preventative maintenance?

  • A: Hi Jack! The Service manuals for Genie units show the items that you should inspect to perform proper preventative maintenance. It’s also a good practice to inspect and maintain all fluid levels, evaluate and repair any fluid leaks, inspect for loose fasteners, inspect for missing or loose wear pads and any physical damage. The items mentioned are also called out in the service manual inspection form for the unit. I would also ensure that your machine is up to date via bulletins and reference Tech Tips, found at We also recommend this article on Aerial Pros for a check list:

Q: (Daniel M.): Hello my name is Daniel. In preventive maintenance a technician injured his hand while torque the wheel of a Z45IC. You can indicate the best way to torque and position so that the tool does not move out of position. 

Q: (Ian W.): What parts would you consider we need to be watching?

  • A: Hi Ian!This would be dependent upon the type and model of Genie equipment you are referring to. If you can provide the model and serial number of the unit, we can go from there. Here’s an Aerial Pros article that you’ll find helpful for what to watch out for:

Q: (Travis S.): I have a genie qs-20. For some reason it will not lift me. When I use the ground controls it goes up just fine but with my weight it struggles. I weigh about 200 pounds so definitely not over the limit. What would that be?

  • A: Hi Travis!  When you operate from the ground controls are you simulating approximately 200 lbs. of weight in the platform or is it empty? The lift function pressure relief setting should be checked. We do this by installing a 0 – 5000 psi hydraulic pressure gauge on the test port located on the function manifold. The procedure for the test can be found on Page 60 of the Service manual (link to manual included below). If you are unable to attain the maximum pressure, it’s likely the hydraulic pump needs to be replaced:

Q: (Carl H.): When we are checking turntable bolts, lots of time we find broken ones and we have been replacing all the turntable bolts at considerable expense just as a good practice. Should we continue this practice or are we being overly cautious? All four of us techs including myself are from the automotive industry and are licensed by our province and can be held liable in the event of an incident directly related to work performed.

  • A: Hi Carl! The process of replacing all the bolts when you find a broken bolt is an excellent practice to follow. The units should have some additional inspection performed to determine why the bolts are breaking, i.e., was there an impact to the unit, were the bolts loose. 

Q: (Sean M.): We have a Genie GS1930 scissors lift and I was wondering in the tune speed menu of the gcon what hi stowed and low stowed drive parameters meant because there is nothing in the service manual I have that explains that. Thanks.

  • A: Hi Sean! The “High and Low “drive parameters refer to the “Platform stowed or Platform elevated” speed adjustments, that are shown in the display for each function. Each are adjustable from 0 – 100, (100 being the fastest). The speeds are to be set via timing for the travel distance in each function. The specifications are on Page 5 of the manual (link to manual here):
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