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by Bob Bartley - Sr. Director of Product Support and Service Solutions On May 4, 2017, 03:00 AM

Today’s business climate demands that you carefully consider how best to manage your fleet to maximize the rental return on invested capital (rROIC). To extend the opportunities with the machines you already own, consider fleet reconditioning.

What is fleet reconditioning?
Fleet reconditioning is a service offered to extend the service life and the value of your aerial rental equipment. Fleet reconditioning is not just a glorified paint job, and it is not a brand-new machine that costs less money. What it is: A current unit in your fleet that has been methodically inspected and reconditioned to its original specification. Think of fleet reconditioning as an opportunity for you to lengthen the life cycle of an aging asset or to improve the reliability of a less than desired unit.

With fleet reconditioning, each machine is thoroughly inspected to determine the services needed; then, components are repaired, rebuilt or replaced as required. This process includes everything from the hydraulic, mechanical and electrical systems, engine components, decals and manuals. It also includes warranty work and updates issued in product bulletins and safety recalls, as well as an annual inspection completed to the manufacturer’s recommended guidelines for the specific unit. And yes, the service does include a fresh coat of paint and a new set of tires.

Also through fleet reconditioning, you can have the unit configured to meet your customers’ particular specifications regarding power, drive and other add-on features, such as welder-ready, cold start and studio packages. This means you’ll have the exact equipment in your fleet that your customers want when they need it.

Fleet ReconditioningWhat are the benefits of fleet reconditioning?
Fleet reconditioning offers many financial benefits to your business. With a reconditioned machine, you can expect to get five more years of reliable and efficient operation from a unit you already own. This gives you the ability to stretch your capital expenses budget, as well as to increase your cash flow compared to the cost of purchasing new units.

Reconditioned machines also have fewer maintenance requirements than units of the same age that have not been reconditioned. And, reconditioned units boast less unscheduled downtime from maintenance issues, resulting in more rental opportunities for business.

Fleet reconditioning also enables you to maintain a blended fleet of older and new equipment to best meet the changing demands of your customers. And, keeping equipment in service longer is a greener alternative than disposal.

Why recondition?
Through the fleet reconditioning process, we can help you decided what to keep, what to recondition and what to replace for the best rROIC to match your business goals.

It’s cost-effective. It’s a smart fleet management strategy. It’s a full-service solution. And, it’s environmentally friendly.

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