Genie Hybrid Technology | Ask Me Anything May 22nd – 26th


by Genie On May 22, 2017, 03:00 AM

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Welcome to Ask Me Anything with the Genie Team on Genie Hybrid Technology.  Watch the brief introduction below for this event:

Additional articles on Genie Hybrid Technology can be found here on Aerial Pros:

You can view the Q & A below from this event:


Q:  How does the technology in hybrid booms vs. engine-only booms compare to that of hybrid cars cars vs. gas-powered?


A: The hybrid technology used in automobiles varies significantly across manufacturers and has changed since their introduction in the 90’s. All hybrid systems utilize power from multiple sources, but each type of system will do so in a different way based on what it is trying to accomplish. For instance, our FE Hybrid system has been designed so that even with completely dead batteries, an FE machine is still able of operating (both lift and drive) while also recharging the batteries.


Q: Do hybrid booms have a tendency to turn on without you knowing about it?

I have a friend who’s encountered this with his hybrid car and wonder if booms have the same issue.


A: All Genie hybrids require operator input via a switch at the controls to activate the on-board hybrid system. Once hybrid mode is enabled on our most advanced system, the FE hybrid, the on-board generator may turn off automatically once the batteries are charged, but will never turn on unless the operator presses the foot switch.


Q: How long can your hybrid aerials run on a charge, and how long does it take for them to fully recharge?


A: The run time per charge depends greatly on how the machine is being operated. In general, if the operator has selected “DC mode”, the machine is designed to operate for a full work shift without stopping for a recharge. At the end of the shift, the machine can be plugged into the wall and will be ready to operate the next morning. Or, the next shift operator can go back to work immediately by using the on-board hybrid system to complete a bulk recharge in 3 to 4 hours.


Q: Do you have a hybrid articulating boom lift such as the Z-40/23N RJ ?


A: Yes, Genie does offer several models utilizing hybrid technology. The models are the Genie Z-34/22, Z-45/25, and the Z-60/37.


Q: Please explain the difference between Hybrid and Bi-Energy and how they differ with respects to versatility between indoor/outdoor applications and if the two differ in battery life and charge time when using DC power only.


A: Bi-energy is one of the types of hybrid systems used at Genie. Because hybrid machines can draw power from multiple sources, they offer the indoor/outdoor versatility that you mentioned. Battery life will vary based on how the machine is being operated, but in general, Genie hybrids are designed to offer DC-only operation for a full work shift and can be recharged overnight via the on-board wall charger. They also offer the ability to complete a full recharge of the batteries using the hybrid system in 3 to 4 hours.


Q: Please explain about the dual parallelogram function and positive traction in detail


A: Thanks for your inquiry. A dual parallelogram boom design allows the platform to follow a vertical only path during boom up/down functions. Here is a video Genie created on our YouTube channel that explains this in detail:

Positive traction is a system Genie utilizes to provide power to all four wheels even when one of the wheels loses traction.


Q: Are the motors on your hybrid machines Tier 4F?


A: Yes, all engines powering Genie hybrid machines are Tier 4f compliant.


Q: Do the Genie hybrid lifts have the same power and functionality as your diesel engine units? I wonder the most about the “get-up-and-go” factor and responsiveness.


A: Genie hybrid systems have been designed to augment the performance of an already capable machine, rather than only to save fuel as is often the case in the automotive industry. All of our hybrid machines are driven by electric motors that offer near instant full torque output for excellent responsiveness and several of the hybrid machines actually offer greater maximum travel speeds than their nearest diesel-powered equivalent. For more information on the drive performance of Genie hybrid machines, keep an eye out for parts 2 and 3 of our Aerial Pros Minute 3-part series on drive systems.


Q: Can I only use hybrid lifts indoors, and is that their ideal use? Are they built for the outdoors as well?


A: All of Genie’s hybrid machines are designed to be used both indoors and outdoors, but some have been engineered for more rough terrain performance. The Z-60/37FE with full time 4WD, electronic traction control, and active oscillating axle offers equivalent or better drive performance when compared to a regular diesel-powered rough terrain machine. This indoor/outdoor versatility is what has made these lifts so popular with owners and operators.


Q: Can you use a generator to power a Genie hybrid machine?


A: The on-board wall chargers on any Genie DC or Hybrid machine should charge on power from a portable generator, but this can be dependent upon the quality of power delivered from the portable generator. However, for hybrid machines, using the hybrid system itself will always provide the fastest and easiest method for recharging the machine.


Q: How often do you need to refill the tanks on your hybrids?


A: This is common question we receive regarding hybrid machines. Much like the time between battery charges, refuel intervals depend heavily on how the machine is being operated and how often it is being recharged on wall power. A typical usage scenario should yield over 1 week of runtime on our Z60/37FE.


Q: Are you planning to integrate solar charging on future models that could be used on an outside work site and charge as they are being used? If so, are you collaborating with any outside companies to integrate this technology?


A: This is an interesting idea to decrease fuel costs, especially on a machine that spends most of its time outdoors in the sun. Like all design concepts at Genie, a solar charge option would need to be put through an intense design qualification process to make sure that it would be up to the demands of a rugged construction jobsite, while also providing utility and value to owners and operators. If a solar charge option passed these tests, there are some very talented local partners in the solar industry who could work closely with our engineers to execute such a project.


Q: How much is the cost of the batteries when they need to be replaced on your hybrid models?


A: The batteries used in Genie hybrids are not like the special proprietary battery packs used in automotive hybrids. Our hybrid equipment uses the same style of battery as our standard DC machines and you should expect hybrid battery replacement costs to be in-line with those of a similar-sized DC machine.


Q: How generally long is the run time on the batteries?


A: The runtime on batteries in DC mode will vary by machine and depends greatly on how the machine is being utilized. Based on a typical operator alternating lift and/or drive functions with time spent working, all Genie hybrids are designed to last a full work shift without being recharged. If the machine is in an environment where it could be used in hybrid mode instead, the battery charge can be maintained to run as long as the engine fuel capacity allows.


Q: Will the Hybrid systems be available in the 60 and 65 ft. Straight booms any time soon, this is the typical booms used in my area in the oilfield


A: Thanks for the feedback! We’re always looking to evaluate new application opportunities like this. However, the closest hybrid boom that we offer to a S-60X or S-65 is the Z-60/37FE. This unit offers all of the advantages of the hybrid powertrain in a package that will still get you to 60 feet, though at a reduced outreach compared to the straight booms. We hope this helps! 

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