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Trailer-Mounted Booms Are Staples in Rental Fleets

by Josh Taylor - Product Manager On Aug 16, 2018, 03:00 AM

Trailer-mounted booms have become a staple in rental fleets of all sizes. They are a great product for smaller yards that may be entering the aerial market. With low acquisition cost and high market demand associated with trailer-mounted aerial lifts, the opportunity for frequent short-term rentals can provide a strong return on investment.

Trailer-Mounted Booms Are Staples in Rental FleetsFrom homeowners to contactors, trailer-mounted booms can be used by almost anyone. The tree-trimming/arborist industry has seen a major increase in usage of trailer-mounted aerial lifts because arborists can have balance, safe use and extended reach while performing their work.

Many professional contractors also prefer using a trailer mounted boom in sensitive floor loading applications, where a diesel self-propelled machine may be too heavy. The trailer-mounted booms are typically much simpler and less expensive than a fully-featured atrium lift, so a trailer mount often provides a great alternative in some applications.

In addition, homeowners and DIYers enjoy the simple controls and versatility of trailer mounted booms and rent them to clean gutters, trim trees, paint and put up holiday decorations.

Benefits of Genie trailer-mounted booms

Genie offers two trailer-mounted booms — the Genie® TZ™-34/20 and TZ-50 models.  Both models offer a 500-lb platform capacity and true Genie Z®-boom functionality, or articulated boom functionality, at a lower acquisition cost than similarly featured self-propelled booms.

Genie trailer-mounted booms offer serviceability for you and your clients. Customers are looking for machines that are easy to perform the required maintenance. The Genie TZ-34 and TZ-50 models offer easy to access components, including the battery and control boxes, meaning units have less down time.

These Genie models also have outriggers to level on uneven terrain which means they can be operated in spaces that other aerial products cannot, giving increased access. Combine this feature with individual control of the primary and secondary boom sections for true up and over access, and this opens an even greater window of accessibility.

Ease of use makes trailer-mounted booms more and more popular in the “weekend rental” segment. Thanks to their mobility, versatility, and easy transport and setup, DIYers can use the lifts for anything from residing a home to decorating for holidays.

Add a trailer-mounted boom to your rental fleet

The demands for trailer-mounted booms have been increasing with the continuous improvements throughout the industry. Owning a trailer-mounted boom has become a fixture of both large and small rental yards, and Genie offers machines that will perform and hold their value. By adding a trailer-mounted boom to your rental fleet, your return on investment can be quickly seen while your machine is hard at work.

Find out more about Genie’s trailer-mounted booms.

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