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by Genie On May 28, 2018, 03:00 AM

Ask Me Anything

A huge thank you to everyone that participated in this Practical Innovations | Ask Me Anything event! Stay tuned to Genie Aerial Pros and our social media channels for the next Ask Me Anything Session.


Welcome to Ask Me Anything with the Genie Team on Practical Innovations.  We will answer your questions from June 4th to the 8th.  Watch the brief introduction below for this event:

Additional articles on our Practical Innovations can be found here on Aerial Pros:

You can view the Q & A below from this event:


Q: Any word on the new aerial standard from ansi?


A: Good question, Rob! We expect the ANSI A92 and CSA B354 standards to go into effect later in 2018. We will keep everyone up to date and ready on Aerial Pros for when they’re published.

The new load sense requirements in the upcoming ANSI & CSA standards will be required on all Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWPs) including booms and scissors above a certain platform area. Smaller, one-man push around machines with a small platform area are exempt from the load sense requirements. All Genie® Xtra Capacity™ Booms are equipped with Load Sense technology:


Q: Do you have 70m height manlift ?


A: Hi Joohak! The highest reaching model in our line-up is the Genie® SX™-180 telescopic boom. It’s built to safely and quickly lift operators. It is purpose-built to work on jobsites in the oil and gas industries and in commercial construction, industrial construction and maintenance, and general maintenance applications. It’s ideal for tackling the most extreme jobs with a vertical reach of 180 ft (54.9 m) and horizontal reach of 80 ft (24.4 m), with a 10 ft (3.05 m) rotating jib. You can learn more about the SX-180 here:


Q: Will your changes to your products affect how we pass costs on to our customers?


A: This is a great question and is an important part of how we assess a new products potential. When we are working on developing new technologies or products we always keep in mind the impact of the cost of our products to our customers and their business. We know that if you the customer cannot be successful with a new product then we wont be successful either! A great example of this is our Z-60/37 FE Hybrid, even though this machine is one of the most advanced aerial hybrids on the market, we worked hard to mitigate the cost of the new hybrid and electric drive technologies to offer the machine at nearly the same price as existing 60ft articulated booms. This focus on value and our customers ROI is an important part of all of the work we do to bring new products and options to market.


Q: Are you maintaining a focus on the quality and durability of your machines when you update them?


A: Absolutely, Lisa! Genie is built on quality processes. We use standard work instructions and mistake-proof fixturing and systems for each area of operation, with one-by-one confirmation and work-stop signaling systems to detect, correct, and prevent abnormalities. We also utilize in-process and end-of-line auditing to ensure the quality of our products. And we utilize a Corrective And Preventive Action (CAPA) System throughout the company. We will consistently provide quality products and services to promote and maintain superior customer satisfaction.

The Genie legacy has been built on providing contractors with safe ways of working at height. It is what we strive for — getting people safely to aerial work spaces, keeping them safe while they complete the aerial work and safely getting them back down.


Q: How do I convince my customers that these innovations benefit them, if they tell us they don’t need or want these new product features?


A: Hey Patrick, We are doing our best to provide you and the rest of our customers with the tools and information to show how the new innovations we bring to the market are better for job-site safety, the productivity of workers, and the ROI for our customers. With new products like our SX-135XC or our Z-60/37FE we are offering more features, productivity and utilization potential at acquisition prices that drive higher rROIC (rental rate of Return on Invested Capital).


Q: Hello,I am from a dealership in the UK,have you launched the Z45 XC in the states and if so for how long and do they also come from Italy too?


A: While we have announced the release of the Z-45XC for the North American market it wont be available for delivery until the second half of 2018! However, we have been delivering the new Z-45XC for the European market for over a year now, and those do in fact come from our factory in Umbertide Italy!


Q: Why is Genie making these changes when no one else is?


A: Genie

For over 50 years, customers’ needs have driven our company’s product innovations. For us, that process never ends. It is in every new product that we develop.

For example, with the Genie® Z™-60/37 FE (which stands for fuel-electric, noting that it’s a hybrid machine) articulating boom which we introduced in 2016, we spent months developing the spec and understanding what the market needed, what our customers needed, what the operators needed, and making sure that we provided the right product for the market, as well as for our customers.

With the upcoming MEWP Standards changes, there was a customer demand worldwide for higher capacity aerial work platforms. We answered this with our Genie®Xtra Capacity™ (XC) booms, which are designed to work in more applications that require higher capacities. All Genie XC™ booms offer the benefits of a dual-envelope design to provide an unrestricted platform capacity of 660 lb (300 kg) and a restricted capacity of 1,000 lb (454 kg). This reduces the number of lift cycles and amount of equipment needed to get tools and materials to aerial worksites — doing more with a single unit saves time and increases productivity.

All of this leads back to listening to what the customers need and addressing those needs through innovation.


Q: What will the industry look like in 5-10 years?


A: Good question, Joe. While we can’t fully predict what will happen with the industry in 5-10 years, Genie takes the approach of being prepared for change. Even in the midst of significant change, we always keep the customer’s needs in mind, and that will remain our top priority.


Q: Do you have plans to produce new hybrid units? I’m curious as to what your plans are for smaller hybrid models and scissors, since customer requests are increasing for this category of products.


A: Hi Dan, We believe we offer some of the best solutions in the industry (cspecially our FE Hybrid and our XC Booms) and certainly appreciate the demand to always provide more! We are always looking at the best way to fill the market needs for exciting new products, big and small, and as we move through 2018 and 2019 you should see some exciting announcements from us across a wide range of our product lines… our New Product Development pipeline is full!


Q: Genie Z135/70 Fault codes And how can i teach My customers how use nicely about that machinen.


A: For further information about the ZX-135, you can visit our website at That page features brochures, spec sheets, and other helpful information.

For assistance with your ZX-135/70, you can contact your closest Genie dealer by going to our dealer locator and entering “Finland” in the country menu at the top:


Q: Do you plan on coming out with a smaller scissor, around the 13ft range?


A:  We are always looking at opportunities to bring great new products to the market, as we see different needs the across industry we work hard to develop the right products for the right regions at the right time. Over the next year you can look forward to some exciting announcements from Genie regarding new products and offerings that will be focused on making your business or job-site more efficient and productive.


Q: Your Fall Arrest Bar has been a hit with our largest customer. Will you continue to release accessories like this for your new products?


A:Absolutely – we are very interested in providing whole solutions to our customers application needs, these include safety accessories; such as the recent Booms, Lift Guard Contact Alarm, and productivity options such as the Lift Power generator system. We are continuing to focus on the application specific needs of end users and ways to bring more value to the awesome products we deliver. Over the coming months look forward to even more releases on this front.


Q: The Z-60 FE has been a popular machine. Do you plan on releasing this type of boom in different sizes and variations?


A: We believe we have developed the best Hybrid technology for the Aerial market and are excited that it has been so successful, not just for us, but for all of our many customers that have made it a part of their business! The FE Hybrid system brings many benefits to both customers and end-users that we hope to leverage as best as possible, watch for announcements over the coming months from us on the exciting future of Genie products!


Q: Will existing Genie machines be in compliance with the upcoming ANSI changes? Will we need to retrofit our inventory accordingly?


A: Hi Jamie! Neither the updated ANSI A92 and CSA B354 standards will require retroactive changes so existing fleets are not affected. It is important to know that these updated standards requirements only apply to newly built machines, so there is no need for you to make any changes to your existing fleet.


Q: Question- I was at a recent show and saw the new safety tie off bar for fall protection out side the basket. Can the existing tie off points on the inside of the basket be used for external fall protection ? I looked in the manual and didnt see a yes or no.


A: Genie boom basket anchor points are rated for fall protection. Please ensure you are wearing the proper PFPE (Person Fall Protection Equipment) and follow this guidance for safely exiting at height. This also applies to trailer booms (TZ machines) for exiting at height and for fall arrest outside the platform. However, please note that if you’re using a boom on a barge, TZ models are not approved.

For more information on Fall Arrest on Booms, please visit More information on training and further education in aerials safety is also available at


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