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Light Towers Keep Crews Working in the Dark

by Josh Taylor - Product Manager On Aug 2, 2018, 03:00 AM

Working in the dark has become an experience that most construction workers will participate in during their careers. Heavy traffic makes it difficult for workers to be fully productive during the day, while visibility makes it difficult to be productive at night — so, what do you do?

With proper illumination of the worksite, your workers can be more productive during night hours with lower traffic coming through the work zone. Terex has developed light towers to fit virtually any lighting need. The Terex® AL™ and RL™ light towers can keep your work zone illuminated properly and help increase productivity during the night shift.

Look for these features and improvements to keep your work zone bright.

The basics

Light Towers Keep Crews Working in the DarkWhen selecting a light tower to best fit the jobsite needs, the area of light illuminated is usually one of the first features looked at. While knowing the area of light illuminated is important, many light towers have similar amounts of light output between them. For example, the Terex AL and RL light towers offer similar 4,000W light configurations, but the Terex AL models have an extra 6 ft in height.

You should also evaluate the run time and fuel capacity of the light towers you are considering. The longer a unit runs, the less frequently a worker needs to go out and refill the unit, which saves money and increases productivity. The Terex RL4 light tower runs for up to 90 hours on one tank of fuel, keeping jobsites illuminated longer with less refills.

Transportability is an important consideration. Light towers with a compact footprint make it possible to fit more units on trailer, which can help reduce your shipping costs. All Terex RL4 light towers were redesigned to have a vertical mast and a folding tongue, giving you the ability to get more units to the job in one load.

New lighting technology to consider

As the performance of LEDs increase, the rental cost for you continues to become more affordable. LED light fixtures boast 50,000 hours of service life. Also, LED lights are engineered with instant-on/off capability, which means that the lights come on at 100% brightness almost instantly. These LED lights can be turned off quickly and cool immediately. The color integrity of LEDs are also an advantage, providing a more natural looking light.

LED lights consume about 25% of the power that metal halide lights do, so you can finally break out of the traditional diesel-metal halide combination by using a smaller gas-powered inverter generator to power the LEDs. The new Terex RL4 LED light tower is an innovative new gas-powered model that boasts clean, quiet operation and precision lighting with four 230 W LED light panels performance that rivals diesel, metal halide units. It is ideally suited for use in short-term rental situations, such as special event venues, airports, municipalities and emergency-scene applications.

Why choose Terex light towers

From construction sites and sporting events to mining and oil field applications, Terex AL and RL light towers are designed to fit virtually any lighting needs. Terex light towers include a variety of features and options to help improve the productivity of each unit.

Designed to help get the job done on time and on budget, the Terex RL4 offers the right combination of capabilities and value. Keeping focus on value for the user, Terex RL4 models offers up to 90 hours of run time per tank of fuel; and to save on shipping, 17 units are loaded per 48-ft truck.

Terex AL5 light towers offers a similar light configuration, while offering durability in harsh environments with a heavy-duty chassis suitable for towing on rough roads, cabinet storage for lights, security and protection from damage, and features are galvanized for work in durability.

Find the right light tower for your needs with Terex Light Towers.

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