HBV, Spelle Germany Adds 105 Meters of Working Height to Its Fleet

HBV, Spelle Germany Adds 105 Meters of Working Height to Its Fleet

This January, family-owned rental company HBV Hydraulikbühnen-Verleih GmbH (HBV), based in Spelle, northwestern Germany, received delivery of three Genie® Xtra Capacity (XC) telescopic boom lifts. Provided by BSI GmbH, Genie Authorised Distributor in Dortmund, with a dual lift capacity of 300 kg (660 lb) unrestricted and 454 kg (1,000 lb) restricted,  these Genie XC machines offer twice the lift capacity of their predecessors. Adding up to an accumulated working height of 105 m (344 ft 4 in), this new delivery included the 28 m (91 ft 8 in) Genie S® -85 XC, 34 m (111 ft 5 in) Genie S -105 XC and 43 m (141 ft) Genie SX-135 XC boom lifts.

As expected the machines are already under high demand. According to HBV, the popularity of these new-generation Genie XC models comes as part of its proactive rental strategy, where knowing how to launch the machines into the market dovetails with customer satisfaction and profitability.

Operating a diversified fleet of lifting equipment, HBV is a long-standing rental company specialized in access equipment with a comprehensive choice of what it considers as the best machines on the market. Anticipating on a growing need for heavier payload equipment, the company started gearing-up the capacity of its fleet five years ago. Consequently, with each new acquisition, offering the highest capacity available on the market is a key focus.

“Our aim is to offer a wide range of working platforms of every working height class. Genie is a strong brand that represents 80% of our big boom range. The addition of these three Genie XC boom lifts to our rental fleet is aligned with this strategy,” says Frank Sommer, Managing Director, HBV.

For many years, HBV rental’s customers have included film production companies – an area of activity where strong personal contacts and flexibility play an important role. Frank Sommer continues: “We’ve been involved in a number of productions, particularly on locations in the Emsland, Münsterland and Ruhr area. For HBV, as applies to any activity that involves people working at height with heavy equipment — like cameras and lighting — lift capacity of 300 kg is a key factor. In a sector where productivity and speed are paramount, at the same time as a maximum lift capacity of 454 kg (1,000 lb) is great to have, 300 kg (660 lb) across the entire working area is optimal for the film industry. In addition to working faster, camera and lighting crews are also convinced that the sensitive control, precision and compact dimensions of Genie XC boom lifts make their job a lot easier. Now that they’ve tried our new Genie XC models, they ask for them repeatedly and hardly want to work with another model. The expression ‘Once XC, always XC’ is something that we’re hearing more and more often.”

HBV: A quality oriented rental strategy

“As we expected, our new Genie XC boom lifts are a good example of the type of high performance, quality product that adds value to our offering,” says Sommer. “We want to provide our customers high added value at a fair price. The most important thing is to deliver quality and reliability so that our customers can get the job done efficiently.” 

Customer satisfaction based on expert advice and trust

COPY-IMAGE-HBV-SPELLE-GERMANY-ADDS-105-M-OF-WORKING-HEIGHT-TO-ITS-FLEET“It’s very important to us that we find the optimum rental solution for each customer application through the good advice of our experienced and trained team. In many cases the customer wants to rent a certain model, but we try to find out if this machine is really the right model for the intended use. It’s not a question of renting out the most expensive model. On the contrary, if we offer a cheaper or faster alternative, this will ultimately pay off in terms of customer satisfaction. Satisfied customers come back. For us, customer loyalty counts more than turnover,” says Sommer.

Such was the recent case of a big customer, who originally wanted a Genie Z® -135/70 articulating boom lift. Once HBV explained the advantages of the Genie SX-135 XC boom lift’s increased lift capacity and industry-leading 27.43 m (89 ft 9 in) of outreach and 7 m (22 ft) 9 in) telescopic jib, their customer recognised that the machine’s product benefits where in adequation with its particular application. “Since it’s been on rent, we haven’t heard back. This is always good news, as we know that they’re satisfied and that the machine is running smoothly. For us, customer satisfaction is what really counts and what has earned us a good reputation,” adds Sommer.

Customer loyalty: The result of reliable service and support

Focusing on responding rapidly to its customers’ needs, HBV rental is open five days a week from 7:30 a.m to 6:30 p.m and can be reached by telephone 24 hours a day. Additionally, thanks to its specially developed 26-ton payload “MAXLOAD 26” trailer, initially taylored for its 57 m (187 ft) working height Genie SX-180 boom lift, the company also provides a flexible transport service without the need of special permits in compliance with the local road transport regulation everyday of the week, except on Sundays.

“It’s great to know that we can count on BSI GmbH, our German Genie Authorised Distributor in Dortmund, as good partner with regard to sales, warranty and service. They’re very professional and responsive and provide us excellent support that comes as part of at strong personal relationship with Sven-Meyland Nielsen, Managing Director BSI.” explains Sommer.

As a one-stop rental shop, aerial access service, sales and training is not HBV’s only successful activity. Thanks to its broad offering and expert staff, the company’ wide offering includes heavy transport and the moving and assembly of virtually anything. Recent examples include moving a holiday home and placing containers inside a film studio

A proactive rental strategy

HBV uses the social media and Internet platforms to communicate news and posts news about its latest latest acquisitions, including the most recent Genie XC machines and their specific benefits and advantages, that customers always follow with interest.

Frank Sommer says: “While 60% of our customers come to us via word of mouth due to our good reputation, 40% of our potential new customers approach us via our company website and social media.” 

And what’s next?

Following the addition of our new Genie Xtra Capacity booms, this year’s bauma in Munich was the opportunity to discover the new 15.72 m (51 ft) Genie S -45 XC and new-generation 21.81 m (71 ft) Genie S -65 TraX boom lift that now also features Genie XC capabilities. These may well be the next new boom lifts in our aerial access portfolio! ”

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