Choose Genuine Parts for Your Genie® MEWP Fleet


by Genie On Feb 7, 2019, 18:00 PM

Choose Genuine Parts for Your Genie® MEWP Fleet

Mobile elevated work platforms, or commonly known as MEWPs, need to go through the proper maintenance and services to keep these machines running at an optimal level. Even with proper care, your MEWPs can still break down. Your rental fleet can only make you money if the machines are available — so, what do you do when your machine is down?

When a MEWP in your rental fleet is in the shop, there is a lot of pressure to get it back in the field as quickly as possible. You need to fix the machine ASAP, but you need to make sure you’re doing so with the proper replacement parts. Having the right parts can mean the difference between having a machine back up and running properly in a matter of hours instead of days.

From the factory to the field, Genie offers genuine parts that are designed and engineered specifically for all your Genie MEWPs. Here are reasons why you should choose Genie®Genuine Parts for all your MEWP fleet part needs:

Why should I purchase parts from Genie?

Genie strives to provide reliable and long-lasting parts, much like their equipment. With Genie Genuine Parts, your equipment will run at optimal productivity because they’re engineered and designed to extend the life your machine. All Genie Genuine Parts undergo testing on long-term durability and reliability, which helps you maintain the equipment resale value and warranty on your Genie MEWPs.

Choose Genuine Parts for Your Genie® MEWP FleetReplacement components costs are individually small, but their impact on your rental uptime is unquestionable. While many parts are created similar, Genie Genuine Parts stand above the rest because of the attention to detail. Genie Genuine Parts protect you from those knock-off parts that could increase the overall lifetime cost of your Genie MEWPs. They’re tested over and over to ensure the parts are designed to adjust for movement with the machine.

Standing behind Genie Genuine Parts is a parts team with more than 430 years of combined experience to assist you in getting your MEWPs back to work. They can assist you in finding a genuine replacement part that will fit perfectly in your machine. Through serial number and model number, the Genie parts team will make sure you have the right part the first time, not the second or third.

If you’re unable to provide a serial and model number, you may end up looking at a similar model, but the Genie parts team will still provide you with a perfect fitting part.

How can I find the parts I need?

Genie offers a comprehensive parts portfolio — in excess of 100,000 part numbers — to support Genie MEWPs working in the field. The Genie parts team stocks parts for current products, and 95% of parts for new products are set up in inventory and available to order before the product is given a green light for launch.

When will my parts arrive?

With most orders being processed within 24 hours and two locations in North America — North Bend, Wash. and Southaven, Miss. — to serve customers as quickly as possible, Genie parts are readily available for delivery. Ninety-five percent of parts orders are delivered inside of two days when you select “Ground” shipping.

When you need parts, the Genie free freight program in North America on parts orders of $750 or more makes sure you can stock up on Genie Genuine Parts without having to pay for freight on large orders. This program is designed to ensure that you have the right parts in inventory for your Genie MEWPs when you need them.

Genie Genuine Parts get your MEWPs back to work

Using Genie Genuine Parts will provide the best value over the life of your Genie MEWPs and fit right every time so that you can maintain your fleets’ factory specifications and performance. Genie Genuine Parts can net a higher return on investment through more uptime and reliability, as well as reduce the time it takes to make repairs because you are using certified parts. This minimizes the downtime of routine maintenance and repair is one of the best ways to keep your Genie MEWPs out on rent and making you money.

Keeping your MEWP fleet working hard means taking care of your machines. The Genie parts team is available to answer questions or concerns for you. Anything from simple troubleshooting to finding you a replacement part for an obsolete product, the Genie parts team helps keep downtime to a minimum, so your machines can stay out on rent.

Contact the Genie parts team via phone (877) 367-5606 or email AWP.PartsSalesPO@terex.comfor assistance.


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