Envelope Control for Aerial Work Platforms


by Bob Bartley - Sr. Director of Product Support and Service Solutions On Jul 7, 2016, 03:00 AM

Envelope Control for Aerial Work Platforms

Envelope-controlled aerial work platforms are growing in popularity in the rental market because they have enabled the equipment to achieve greater heights. If you’re new to envelope-controlled machines, there are a few basic things you need to understand.

What is Envelope Control?

Envelope control systems are developed with a calibration process to assure the machine's systems provide safe operation, are aligned with jobsite conditions and safe work practices for everyone on the jobsite.

Envelope control is incorporated on several Genie® boom models, including:

  • Z-80
  • Z-135
  • ZX-135/70
  • S-100 and S-105
  • S-120 and S-125
  • SX-150
  • SX-180

Training Requirements for Envelope Control

Safe operation of any aerial work platform is predicated on it being used by a properly trained operator and maintained by a trained, qualified service technician. All aerial work platform operators and technicians should be familiar with the type of aerial work platform they are operating, including the layout of the controls, operating characteristics, maintenance and inspection requirements. And, this becomes even more important when the machine incorporates features such as envelope control.

Envelope Control for Aerial Work PlatformsBecause of the nature of their design, envelope-controlled units are more technically involved, and therefore, require more skill and specialized training to safely operate and properly maintain. It is extremely important in the case of envelope-controlled units that only trained, qualified technicians, familiar with the calibration process and safe operation of these machines, perform repairs and inspections on these units.

To become qualified to operate and/or work on an envelope-controlled aerial lift, it is important for you and your rental staff to partner with your equipment’s manufacturer. For example, Genie provides training options in multiple formats — online, at the factory and in person — with its LiftPro and TechPro Training Courses to accommodate you. Our trainers have detailed knowledge of the operations, safety features and technical aspects of this type of aerial device, and the materials used during these trainings will familiarize operators and technicians with the proper operation of the equipment, the language they need to know to understand the equipment, as well as parts and components they will be using and/or working on.

Once training is completed, it is important that both your operators and technicians familiarize themselves with the equipment’s operators, service and maintenance manuals that provide detailed information about the specifics of each machine. The operators’ manual should be kept with the machine at all times, and the service and maintenance manuals should be quickly accessible in your service area. Genie makes additional copies of this information available for its customers at

Envelope Control for Aerial Work PlatformsYour operators and technicians must be equipped with all of this in-depth knowledge before proceeding with operating or conducting repairs on an envelope-controlled machine, at any time. This knowledge is also essential for your staff to have if you need to seek help from your equipment manufacturer’s product support. At Genie, we have seen that having this in-depth knowledge results in our customers getting to a successful resolution to the troubleshooting call in a timelier manner, as well as better managing the risk of both companies.

And once you’ve been trained, regular refresher training is important to long-term success with your envelope-controlled units as it helps your operators and technicians to keep current with latest manufacturer’s updates and changes to operating systems, and maintains the competencies they have gained. Refresher training should be conducted as often as necessary to make sure that all of your operators and technicians continue to work safely and provide proper repairs to your equipment.

If you have any questions about envelope control, please reach out to the Genie Product Support team at 800-536-1800. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to provide you with technical information and respond to your concerns.

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