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Genie® Lift Guard™ Platform Mesh Accessories

Feb 14, 2018, 14:08 PM
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Genie® protective solutions continue to evolve to meet the demands of today’s aerial jobsites. The Genie Lift Guard™ Platform Mesh family of accessories is designed to prevent dropped objects falling from aerial worksites. With three options to choose from — half-height aluminum, full-height aluminum and removable woven screen, these contemporary mesh accessories engineered to help operators keep jobsite materials and tools from falling out of boom platforms working at height.

Lift Guard™ Platform Mesh

Lift Guard™ Platform Mesh - Screen
Helps operators keep job-site material and tools from falling out of articulated and telescopic boom platforms working at height.  
  • 1283049GT Kit, 8’ Full Mesh, Side Gate
  • 1286622GT Kit, 6’ Full Mesh, Side Gate
  • 1290896GT Kit, 8’ Full Mesh with Front Gate

  • 1290895GT Kit, 6’ Full Mesh with Front Gate
  • 1275281GT Kit, 8’Half Mesh, Side Gate
  • 1275282GT Kit, 6’Half Mesh, Side Gate
  • 1290894GT Kit, 8’Full Mesh with Front Gate
  • 1290893GT Kit, 6’ Full Mesh with Front Gate
  • 1286301GT (Screen Accessory only) – available only on 8 ft platform telescopic booms

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