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Accessories_Icon Genie Lift Power System

High Power at Height. No Strings Attached.


With no strings attached, the Lift Power “Welder-Ready” System puts high power output directly in the platform. Eliminating over 100ft of hanging cables, this also reduces a major jobsite hazard to machine stability, which is vulnerable to damage from jobsite traffic. 

For high power at height, this 240V, 12 kW system offers up to 70% more power to the platform than other boom lift manufacturers. It’s new generation of hydraulically driven generators, can provide industrial applications a 100% duty cycle for TIG and Stick welding and 55% duty cycle for flux core arc welding at 280 amps and 360 amps. 

The Lift Power System is available on all XC, J & High Float boom lifts up to 85’ in 12 Kw for heavy duty applications, such as welding, and grinding and cutting steel, as well as lower power configurations for general construction and power tools. 

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  • Over 35% labor savings compared to running cable lines and spooling time
  • Eliminates an average of 50-100ft / $1000 of reinforced weld cable
  • Reduces a major jobsite hazard to machine stability

Lift Power Welder Ready Package

  • For boom operators who already have a welding machine, the Genie Lift Power welder-ready package is an ideal solution.
  • This hydraulically driven generator supplies 240V 3-phase to a NEMA L15-30R platform outlet, as well as 120V single-phase power to standard single-phase outlets at the platform and at the base of the boom.
  • This package includes a platform-mounted fire extinguisher, fireproof sleeves over exposed hoses/wires near the platform and convenient welder support shelf with protective cover.

Other Options for North America:

  • Lift Power™ 12kW Welder - Select Lincoln or Miller
  • Lift Power™ 3kW AC generator, 110V/60Hz or 220V/50Hz


Duty cycle and amperage calculated with an XMT® 350 Series. Review your welder’s manual to calculate power for your application.