The Genie® SX-135 XC™ Boom Lift and the Baby Animals Rock the Genie Customer Night

Friday 21 July 2017 @ 09:17

Celebrating the launch of the Genie® SX-135 XC boom lift, more than 200 Genie customers danced to the legendary tunes of the Baby Animals, one of Australia’s favourite rock bands at this year’s annual Genie Customer Appreciation Night held in early May.

The event was hosted by Jim Barr, Vice President and General Manager, Asia Pacific – Terex AWP and Mitch Ely, Director of Customer Satisfaction and Reconditioning, Terex AWP. The customer appreciation night ran in parallel with HIRE17, the HRIA’s annual convention, held this year at Rosehill Racecourse, in Sydney’s west.

Rock and the role of innovation and technology

The appreciation night was held at inner Sydney’s Red Box theatre space, and guests were treated to an extensive menu of culinary delights and silver service. The Baby Animals with lead singer Suze DeMarchi rocked the cavernous venue with their iconic hits such as ‘One Word,’ ‘Painless,’ ‘Rush You’ and ‘Early Warning.’

As part of the event’s entertainment, the experimental Black Light theatre group produced an artistic performance with the new Genie SX-135 XC boom lift as its centrepiece. The mighty boom was skilfully maneuvered into the purpose built 20 m x 24 m Red Box space.

“Innovation is the theme we chose for this customer appreciation night and for HIRE17,” Ely told guests at the customer appreciation night. “This makes sense as we are a leading global manufacturer of elevating work platforms, and we can sum up what innovation means in three clear statements: improved safety; improved utilisation; and improved return on investment.”

“The first machine in our Genie XC range, the Genie SX-135 XC boom has an industry-leading outreach of 90 ft (27.43 m) and we have used innovation to achieve this,” said Ely. “The term XC stands for Xtra Capacity, as the market has matured over the last five years we have seen the need to increase the capacity of our machines.”

The rental industry is the Genie compass

Jim Barr, who presented at HIRE17, and at the customer appreciation night, reaffirmed the rental industry will always point Genie towards its ‘true north.’ “The rental industry shows us where we need to drive our innovation and more importantly, I’d like to restate we are listening,” said Barr.

Likewise, the residual value of a Genie machine should never be understated, noted Barr. “We have a common saying in the United States that the proof is in the pudding,” he said. “In other words, the sum of all the technology and innovation which goes into a Genie unit will one day be proven by its residual value."

“You might ask whether a unit will stand the test time.” With Genie, the overwhelming answer is: Always yes.

Genie Customer Night