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Today’s business climate demands that you stretch your resources farther than ever. The good news: Some of your greatest assets are the machines you already own. It’s all part of our commitment to partnership and long-term support over the life of your equipment.

By reconditioning, you can extend the service life of your Genie equipment and extend the value of your rental fleet. Only the manufacturer can offer this expert level of service for your Genie.

Each machine is thoroughly inspected to determine the services needed, then components are repaired, rebuilt or replaced as required. This process includes everything from the hydraulic, mechanical and electrical systems to steel covers, engine components, decals and manuals.

Why Recondition? 

  • Cost-effective:  It extends the service life of a machine, makes efficient use of your resources and is backed by a warranty.
  • Smart fleet management strategy:  We can help you decide what to keep, what to recondition and what to replace for the best return on investment to match your business goals.
  • Full-service solution:  Warranty work, conversions, parts and general repairs can all be quoted in addition to our standard reconditioning service.
  • Environmentally friendly:  Keeping equipment in service is a greener alternative than disposal. 

Learn How We Can Support Your Fleet, contact your Genie Sales Manager for more information call 1-800-800-1290.