The Genie® GTH™-1256 telehandler has been purposefully redesigned to lower total cost of ownership by 10% while delivering 20% more lift capacity at max height in a machine with a 30% stronger design. Extensively field tested to validate performance, it builds on popular features found on the proven GTH-636, GTH-844 and GTH-1056 models, including a side-mounted engine and stronger boom design, to deliver a rugged, reliable telescopic handler with a 12,000 lb (5,443 kg) capacity.


  • Able to handle all kinds of materials, including the extreme loading of pipes and suspended loads
  • High-quality components like DANA® Axles, a redesigned boom assembly and long-life Enduro A/T tires simplify maintenance and lower cost of ownership
  • Optimized envelope with a 12,000 lb (5,443 kg) capacity at maximum height, and 3,500 lb (1,588 kg) at maximum reach
Specification Value
Max Lift Capacity 12,000 lb | 5,443 kg
Max Lift Height 56 ft 3 in | 17.15 m
Max Forward Reach 42 ft | 12.80 m
Capacity at Max Height 6,000 lb | 2,721 kg
Capacity at Max Reach 3,500 lb | 1,588 kg

Cab Configuration

  • Closed cab: Heater, defrost, wipers, washer, split door
  • Front and top glass
  • Lift Guard White Noise Alarm
  • Rear Proximity Alarm
  • Rear proximity alarm with back-up camera and display
  • Fire extinguisher

Chassis Options

  • Lift Connect Telematics
  • Lift Connect with Access Manager upgrade
  • Electric block heater
  • Extreme cold weather package
  • Fenders set of four
  • Lojack stolen vehicle recovery system
  • Positive air shutdown system
  • Flashing beacon
  • Work lights: High output LED cab, boom, rear
  • Road and work lights: High output LED front, cab, boom, rear
  • Air filled Enduro A/T tires
  • Solid rough terrain tires
  • Lockable battery disconnect

Carriage/Attachment Options

  • Quick-Attach™ Carriage, 48in / 1.2m
  • QA Carriage, 60in / 1.6m
  • QA Carriage, 72in / 1.8m
  • QA Side tilt (rotating) carriage, 60in / 1.5m
  • QA Side tilt (rotating) carriage, 48in / 1.2m
  • QA swing carriage, 72in / 1.8m (45 deg L/R)
  • Pallet forks, 48in (2 × 4 × 48in)/(.05x.1 × 1.2m) - set of 2
  • Pallet forks, 60in (2 × 4 × 60in)/(.05x.1 × 1.5m) - set of 2
  • Pallet forks, 72in (2 × 4 × 72in)/(.05x.1 × 1.8m) - set of 2
  • Cubing tines, 48in (2 × 2 × 48in)/(.05x.05 × 1.2m) - set of 6
  • Lumber forks, 60in (1.75 × 7 × 60in)/(.04x.18 × 1.5m) - set of 2

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