Genie ahead of the curve with pipe racks for Genie® GS™-3384 RT Scissor Lift

Monday 04 February 2019 @ 09:43

Lifting pipes and materials in tighter spaces just got easier and more cost effective with the release of cradles for the Genie® GS-3384 RT rough terrain scissor lift.

Previously tradespeople, such as plumbers and fire system installers, were using larger machines such as Genie GS-4390 RT and GS-5390 RT scissors lifts with pipe racks for jobs that didn’t require 43 ft (13.1 m) machines, notes Tim Merritt, Genie National Product Support Manager, Terex AWP.

“Using the bigger machines would affect the return on investment (ROI). Now, they can use a smaller 33 ft (10 m) machine with the same pipe rack system and get a better ROI.”

Given the popularity of the pipe rack for the Genie GS-4390 RT and GS-5390 RT scissor lifts, there has been growing demand from hire access companies for a cradle attachment for the Genie GS-3384 RT model, according to Merritt.

“The cradles that can be attached to a Genie GS-3384 RT have a lifting capacity of 300 kg (661 lb), which is the same as a Genie GS-4390 RT and GS-5390 RT units, and they can carry pipes to a maximum length of 6.5 m (21 ft 3 in), and a pipe diameter of 300 mm (98 in),” Merritt explains.

“Moreover,” continues Merritt, “ why take the risk of using other lifting methods? Designed, tested and approved by Genie, our pipe cradles reduce the risk of operator fatigue.”

For rental firms with existing Genie GS-3384 RT scissor lifts, a mount kit will be required to bolt the pipe rack to the scissor lift. Merritt advises, “Our hire rental partners will be able to bolt the mount kits to their machines and then attach the cradle.”

For those new to using cradles, the Genie GS-3384 RT model’s operator manual covers all the information required to provide a safe way to lift pipes when working from a scissor lift, adds Merritt.

To find out more about securing a cradle for your Genie GS-3384 RT rough terrain scissor lift, contact Genie Australia on 1800 788 633.

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