Genie® introduces new phone system to enhance customer service

Monday 04 February 2019 @ 09:13


In 2019, Genie will continue to set new customer service benchmarks for the aerial work platform (AWP) industry underlined by the release of a new telephone system that will improve our ability to support your business.

The new phone system, which launched at the backend of 2018, has a message bank feature enabling customers calling the Genie Australia Tech Support team to leave a message, without losing their position in the queue.

“We always pride ourselves on providing industry-best customer service. However, that doesn’t stop us introducing innovations that continue to put our customers front and centre,” says Tim Merritt, Genie National Product Support Manager, Terex Australia.

“By increasing our ability to respond to customer calls, we can trim machine downtimes; support increased productivity and the potential for improved returns for our customers.”

Merritt explains, “The voice message will progress in the queue in the same way a call progresses should a customer decide to stay on hold. However, the caller can now leave a message with the confidence they can get back to other work, and a Genie technician will return the call rapidly.

“This innovation will save fleet owners and their employees wait times and enable them to get back to the business of managing their hire access operations and serving their own customers.”

The new system will ensure that not a single customer call is wasted. “There is no need to hang-up if a call ends up in a queue,” Merritt says. “This is time wasted for the caller and doesn’t help our customers or our team’s ability to respond quickly to support requests.

“Leaving a message is the fastest way for us to return the calls of our customers.”

Building more knowledge of our client’s business

“The new Genie phone system will better enable our technicians to capture the details of every customer call,” he explains. “Once we’ve opened a customer case, we will always know who has called, their phone number and we can add notes about the issue they’re calling about.”

All client information taken by Genie Tech Support’s new phone system will be stored. This feature enables a Genie technician to access the complete history of incoming calls and the identity of the callers, whether they are fleet owners or members of their teams. The new phone system offers enhanced customer database capabilities, according to Merritt.

“By reviewing this data, we will be able to see who is calling and what issues they have with a machine whether it’s a Genie® S®-45 telescopic boom or a Genie® SX-180 boom lift.

“Moreover, armed with this data, we are better able to design and implement specific training packages that address knowledge gaps about Genie equipment for our customers.”

The new phone system continues the commitment to excellent customer service delivered within the ground-breaking Genie 360 Support program, notes Merritt. “Genie 360 Support takes care of every aspect of your AWP needs from initial sales and service through to technical support, operator training and even comprehensive management of your ageing fleet.”

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