Solutions for an Ageing Fleet

Wednesday 12 April 2017 @ 14:08

It can be tough deciding whether to replace or refurbish an elevated work platform when it reaches 10 years of age. At Genie, we’re committed to end-to-end life cycle service, so we offer two easy solutions: A trade-in for a new machine or a refurbishment.


Trading in your old equipment with Genie brings benefits such as:

  • New equipment has a in service period of 10 years, double that of refurbished machines
  • 5-year structural warranty, and, 2-year electrical and hydraulic warranty backed by Genie for peace of mind
  • It keeps the average age of your rental fleet younger
  • New machines are fitted with the latest technological advances
  • Lower maintenance costs and less downtime with new equipment
  • Trading in takes the time-consuming hassle out of disposing of old equipment
  • It’s cost-effective because you tap into our expertise in fleet movement

Genie has an extensive global network were Australian machines would be compliant, and most traded-in equipment is moved overseas to avoid selling to our customers’ competitors. The remainder of the old equipment is sold to private buyers, not access hire companies.

According to Kurt Kinder, Regional Sales Manager, QLD/NZ/South Pacific, for Genie Australia, one of the biggest drawcards of trading in with Genie is the ease of the process. “A truck will roll up and put a brand-new machine in your yard with a full warranty, and it will take away your old machine. You don’t have to worry about trying to send your machine to auction or putting it on eBay. It is one simple transaction.

“Moreover, with an ever changing world market for used equipment, you just might be surprised at the trade-in figure you get for it,” Kinder says.

10 Year Inspection

If trading in is not an option, having a 10-year inspection can add five years to a machine’s lifespan. Genie 360 Support offers cost-effective solutions, and we have invested in state-of-the-art heavy maintenance facilities around Australia to support your decision.

“With market competitive pricing and being able to draw on global knowledge and resources, who better to complete the inspection than the original equipment manufacture”

Kurt Kinder
Regional Sales Manager - QLD/NZ/South Pacific, Terex AWP

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Trade-in and refurbishment