Queensland’s Local Hire Goes for Genie to Help Expansion

Wednesday 12 April 2017 @ 14:04

After supplying material handling, access and generator rentals to the construction and event sectors for the past couple of years, Gold Coast and Brisbane-based Local Hire, and its affiliate Local Equipment Sales, is targeting national growth with the support of Genie.

mLed by Julian Eyers, Local Hire’s fleet comprises Genie GS™-1532 to GS™-3246 scissor lifts, as well as numerous electric, diesel scissors and knuckle booms. It offers several Genie Runabouts™ (GR™ units) lifts, and more Genie knuckle booms will be added soon.

Local Equipment Sales has a standing for selling quality products, and they choose Genie products to enforce this reputation. “We provide great equipment for both sales and rental backed by excellent service and mechanical support,” says Eyers.

Genie machines represent about 25% of the Local Hire fleet, many of which are small scissors, as mentioned earlier. “But, this is changing with some of the other types of equipment that Genie supplies now included in our fleet, “says Eyers, who started in general hire in 1996. Eyers then switched to material hoists, before a stint in access equipment and mobile and tower crane rentals.

“The goal is to grow our business on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane and then expand interstate – we already have some stock in Sydney. With these ambitions, it’s crucial to have a brand such as Genie behind us,” said Eyers. “We are seeking to grow our fleet by 30% in 2017 and wish to expand the product range offered by our small fleet in Sydney.”

After restructuring the business two years ago, Local Hire is progressively looking to Genie to support its access equipment needs. Eyers explained, “We started buying Genie equipment a year ago, and we’ve recently hired a sales manager, hire controller and mechanic with a background in access. This appointment is enabling us to ramp up this part of the business.

“What we’re trying to do is to build a business based on half a dozen product types and to do them well with the help of brands such as Genie,” Eyers adds.

The reputation of Genie is a major advantage to a new firm, according to Eyers. “Genie machines will hold their value, and their aftersales service is very good.

“We want to have a reputation for good quality equipment that works well,” Eyers finishes, “I’d rather go with a brand such as Genie that has a reputation for reliability, which also means paying less over the life of the machine.”

While the 2018 Commonwealth Games preparations is still driving some revenues for firms on the Gold Coast, Eyers says longer-term, general construction, event work and geographic spread will keep his fleet busy.

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