Genie Customer Appreciation Night Proves Fast and Furious

September 2018 @ 09:59

The annual Genie Customer Appreciation Night held in late May is easily the hottest event on the AWP social calendar, and this year’s event didn’t disappoint with several significant highlights.

The event headliners included hot-laps in souped-up drift cars synonymous with hit Hollywood franchise Fast and the Furious, a Q&A with one of Australia’s greatest V8 racing superstars and Terex CEO and President, John Garrison.

Hosted by Jim Barr, Genie Vice President and General Manager, Asia Pacific, Terex AWP, the Customer Appreciation Night was held at Brisbane’s iconic Archerfield Speedway and attracted 215 of the best and brightest from the AWP industry in Australia.

In recognition of Genie clocking up 21 years partnering with the AWP industry in Australia and New Zealand, John Garrison, Terex CEO and President, travelled from Westport, Connecticut (USA), to attend the milestone event, as well as HIRE18, where he was a keynote speaker. The Terex CEO proved a hit as he mingled with guests, as well as for his well-received words at the customer night.

Another event highlight was Genie National Sales Manager, Terex AWP, Kurt Kinder’s one-on-one Q&A session with V8 Supercar legend Jamie Whincup from the Red Bull Racing Team. In 2017, Jamie won a record breaking seventh V8 championship. Naturally, the Holden driver was an enormous hit, even for those V8 supporters with a passion for Ford.

Genie partnering in Australia since 1997

The keynote speaker at the Customer Appreciation Night, Jim Barr, a significant contributor to the Genie narrative in Australia over the last 21 years, delivered several key messages during his address.

Jim reconfirmed the Genie commitment to maintaining the successful partnerships of the last 21 years into the future. “Successful partnerships are based on many things, but there are some ‘core items’ such as respect, consistency and continuity that are non-negotiable,” explained Jim. “We will continue to deliver on what we promise, will always bring value to the table and will always show up.”

The Asia Pacific leader concluded by reemphasizing his pride in how Genie continues to collaborate with the AWP industry’s leading lights in the antipodes. “As partners and great friends, it’s been a privilege to take the journey with our customers in Australia and New Zealand built on mutual respect and a common vision.”

A fast and furious evening of thrills but no spills

In keeping with the Genie Customer Appreciation Night tradition of mystery, guests were given no clues about how the event would unfold.

The secrets, however, were soon unmasked when guests arrived at Brisbane’s iconic Archerfield Speedway to be greeted by a phalanx of drift cars familiar to fans of Fast and the Furious. Also maintaining a strong presence, a collective of spectacular new Genie machines provided a magnificent backdrop. The new-to-market machines included the Genie S®-85 Xtra Capacity (XC) and the Genie SX-135 XC boom lifts, which were joined by a Genie GS-4390 RT rough terrain scissor lift and a Genie Z®-60/37 FE boom lift.

A fully interactive event, several lucky customers experienced the thrills and fury of drifting around the Archerfield track in the hotted-up vehicles. There were also two time-trial racing simulators, with the fastest customers winning hot lap race experiences in their hometown. To add to the excitement, Jamie Whincup set the benchmark times on the simulators. The V8 ace then threw down the gauntlet to customers to beat his time to win the hot laps.

To complete the speedway appeal, there was a professional drift show using three vehicles decaled prominently in Genie branding, while customers were also able to seek refreshments served from the back of Chevrolet ute.

Genie Customer Appreciation Night