Upgraded Online Portal Makes it Even Easier to Order Genie Parts

Tuesday 31 January 2017 @ 14:57

Genie continues to establish a new benchmark in the aerial work platform (AWP) industry. It is revolutionising customer service, to give customers the best possible outcomes – reduced downtime, increased productivity and the potential for improved returns.

“We understand a high fill rate for parts means less down time for your machines,” said Greg Mutimer, Genie Customer Support Manager – Parts, Terex Australia. “That’s why we have taken simple steps to make a valuable difference with two effective solutions — an online parts portal and a national customer support centre, which provide round-the-clock access to genuine Genie parts wherever you are located.”

Operating under the banner of Genie 360 Support, the Genie Parts Customer Support Centre is a single point of contact that gives customers access to the firm’s fully-trained team of parts experts available from 7 am-6.30 pm AEST from Monday to Friday. In addition, the online parts portal provides customers with the flexibility and convenience of 24/7 online parts ordering.

Portal innovation

Recently, Genie integrated the portal with its customer’s parts account, an innovation that is resonating with the market, according to Mutimer. “This functionality improvement enables customers to review previous orders online and check the status of current orders. Now they can see when an order is at the quote stage, when it’s been approved and invoiced, and then they can track their order with a transport company tracking number.”

A shopping cart facility has been added to the industry leading portal. “This allows customers to save incomplete orders and then return later,” Mutimer said. “Previously, when they left the order screen, it would close, and they’d need to start again,” said Mutimer. “Having the portal means our customers have access to our ordering systems 24/7. This allows them to order parts early in the day, or stay back late. Nor do they need to wait for the Genie Parts Customer Support Centre to open to make an order via a phone call.”

The online portal scores well with Access Service Australia Pty Ltd

Significant Genie customers such as Paul Sharples, Owner of Access Service Australia (ASA), are discovering that managing parts purchases via the online portal is a seamless process. “There’s two parts to using the portal for us,” said Sharples. “Purchasing and qualifying the parts. We use the portal extensively, which is a great innovation from Genie. It not only allows us to place an order and track progress, but it also enables our field service technicians to access the internet on the road and confirm the parts required. The portal offers efficiencies through the ability to view the whole process from order to delivery 24/7, without the need for multiple phone calls and information being lost in translation.”

Moreover, Sharples said the availability of parts is consistent through the portal. “If there is an issue, Genie is fast to respond,” he said. “Compared to other manufacturers, Genie excels in terms of inventory line items, quantities and value for money.”

In relation to ordering parts for major inspections, Sharples has been impressed with the ability of Genie to react rapidly. “If the person in spare parts doesn’t have the answer, you’ll be put through to someone who can assist.”

Access Service Australia, which has been an authorised Genie repairer since 2000, only uses genuine parts when servicing its elevating work platform rental customers in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia. “By using only genuine parts, customers are likely to reduce maintenance costs, have more uptime as the parts have been quality tested by Genie, which keep manufacturer warranties intact,” he said. “We never stray away from using genuine parts.”


Big tick for Genie 360 Support

Sharples considers Genie 360 Support to be a brilliant concept. “The whole theory and image of Genie 360 is great,” he said. “It’s about looking after a machine from the cradle to the grave, which you expect from a leading manufacturer. How Genie has gone about presenting Genie 360, the logo, marketing and the concept has been well-conceived and measured. It is not just a ‘catch phrase,’ it is a culture.”

Genie 360 Support takes care of every aspect of your AWP needs from initial sales and service through to technical support, operator training and even comprehensive management of your ageing fleet.

Genie 360 Support White