General Manager's Message - Autumn 2017

Tuesday 31 January 2017 @ 15:11

Brad LawrenceWelcome to another edition of Blue News, the magazine for Genie customers throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Christmas marks the end of the financial year for Genie Australia. As I reflect on last year, it certainly provided many challenges but also many successes, and I would like to thank all customers for their business in 2016.

We started 2016 by launching our new 3-year strategic plan which we hope will transform this business from our traditional “products focused” mentality to our new “end-to-end” solutions-provider vision.

Central to the new strategic plan was “Genie® 360 Support,” and we launched two key components, Fleet Management Solutions and Genie Lift Pro, at the HRIA Convention in May. As part of our fleet management strategy, Genie Australia can now refurb equipment in any state of Australia.

We also developed an operator training solution called Genie Lift Pro which enables owners of Genie equipment to get their customers operating Genie equipment verified on specific Genie models. Both of these new products were in high demand in 2016, and I expect this will only increase in 2017.

The next 12 months is also looking very exciting from a new products perspective.

This year, we will be showcasing two new products in May at the HRIA, HIRE17 Convention in Sydney — the new Genie SX-135 XC™ and Z™-60/37 FE boom lifts. The new SX-135 XC is a stick boom with industry-leading reach of 90 feet, and our Z-60/37 FE is fully hybrid knuckle boom with excellent rough terrain capability. These products have been specifically designed to increase customer ROI by expanding their use, and this is only the beginning of what is to come with new products from Genie over the next three years!

When you look at the major construction projects about to start or already started in every state it is looking like 2017 will be a very busy year. In this edition, we feature an overview of some of these major projects which will be driving our industry in 2017 and beyond. It finally feels like construction activity is starting to take off!

Happy reading, and as always, if you have any comments you can call me directly at 0408 884461 or email me at

Brad Lawrence

Brad Lawrence
General Manager Terex AWP Australia