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AWPs_Icon Aerial Work Platforms - Super Series

What Is an Aerial Work Platform?

An aerial work platform, also called an AWP, is a movable mechanical device that raises people, materials or both to higher elevations. Other names for aerial work platforms include manlifts, personnel lifts, lifts, push-arounds and mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs). Genie® AWP™ aerial work platforms are easy to use and cost effective, making them the first choice for a wide range of applications. One person can easily set them up and get to work within minutes, so they are ideal all-around tools for almost any access application. Their light weight and compact size makes Genie aerial work platforms convenient to use in schools, places of worship, warehouses and more. Genie aerial work platforms also provide solutions for interior work on large construction sites, such as high rises, as well as being perfect for light-duty construction purposes.

What Are Aerial Work Platforms Used For?

Aerial work platforms are designed for temporary use while at-height work is being done. Because they are relatively lightweight, simple and versatile, aerial work platforms are often used for a wide variety of overhead tasks, including maintenance, cleaning, and hanging signs or decorations.