Maintaining your boom’s cables will deliver stronger returns

Tuesday 26 March 2019 @ 09:27


By Tim Merritt, Genie National Product Support Manager, Terex AWP - 11 March 2019

All preventive care is essential, but maintaining boom extend/retract cables is vitally important for delivering a robust return on invested capital (ROIC).

The boom extend/retract cables are responsible for the extension and retraction of the boom tubes depending on the machine's size. Therefore, the maintenance of these items can have a profound effect on the safety and longevity of Genie® boom lifts. For example, if the cables slacken, they can jump off the sheave resulting in damage to the cables and other boom components.

Check the service manual to protect your cables

Maintaining Genie products using the maintenance intervals in our Service and Maintenance Manuals will prevent cable damage. Since most of the cable stretch takes place in the first year of service, the guidelines in our Service and Maintenance Manual recommend that the checking/tightening procedure should be performed quarterly during the first year the machine is in service. Then, it is best to conduct the procedure annually.

To help customers realize a high rental utilisation of Genie equipment, we also updated our maintenance protocols for boom cables. The revised maintenance intervals for cable adjustment were updated to achieve two goals. Firstly, the revision aims to keep the cables and tubes in good working order, and secondly, ensure they weren’t adjusted more frequently than was warranted. Less time in the shop translates to more time out on rent. The updated maintenance intervals not only reduce downtime but also reduce labour costs by lowering needless work.

These updated protocols provide customers with more equipment uptime and a lower cost of ownership throughout the life of their Genie equipment.

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