Innovative Genie® GS-1330m scissor lift ideal for low-level access and restricted spaces

Tuesday 26 March 2019 @ 09:23


If you’re seeking an alternative to a ladder for low-level access and manoeuvrability in restricted spaces or are using an oversized scissor lift for these applications, then look no further than the Genie® GS-1330m scissor lift.

“The Genie GS-1330m scissor lift is a heavy-duty, rental ready scissor lift perfect for construction applications in space restricted or congested locations like offices, high-rises, and retail areas and facility maintenance,” says Kurt Kinder, Genie National Sales Manager, Terex AWP Australia.

The Genie GS-1330m scissor lift offers a maximum platform height of 3.75 m (12 ft 4 in) and a maximum working height of 5.75 m (18 ft 4 in), with a 2-person, 227 kg (500 lb) capacity. The micro-sized scissor weighs in at only 885 kg (1,950 lb) and will be at HIRE19 in Melbourne, 22-23 May 2019.

Kinder explains, “Low-level access is a growing segment of the aerial access industry and is poised to replace ladders, not only on typical job sites but also within industrial and institutional facilities.

“Additionally, the growing need for productive solutions in low floor loading applications is driving innovation in lightweight products such as the new Genie GS-1330m scissor lift,” he adds.

Practical innovations and maximising rROIC

The Genie GS-1330m scissor lift has an efficient, all-electric DC drive system offering productive power for navigating indoor job sites with a quiet, zero-emissions operation. Industry-leading runtime ensures full-day productivity in a compact package. “As the Genie GS-1330m scissor lift weighs only 885 kg (1,950 lb), it can access job sites previously off-limits to heavier slab scissors and vertical mast lifts,” says Kinder.

“At Genie, we build high quality and productive machines that offer a high rental return on invested capital (rROIC) to customers worldwide and meet regional and global standards,” he adds.

Reliable design, productive operation

The new scissor lift incorporates the Genie Smart Link™ control system, offering a familiar interface, as well as fully proportional lift and drive control for precise positioning in the work environment.

Designed with the operator in mind, the Genie GS-1330m scissor lift has side-by-side platform guard rails for easy deck extension and retraction. The scissor lift has a durable, long-life gripping surface because of its diamond plate platform flooring.

To find out more about the Genie GS-1330m scissor lift contact your Genie regional sales manager or call us on 1800 788 633.

Genie GS-1330m Scissor Lift