E-Learning: A win-win solution

by Genie On Oct 3, 2019, 03:00 AM

eLearning Programme A Win Win Solution

With online training, technicians can organise their theoretical training in their own time to prepare for practical training. Once they are ready to move to the next step, thanks to their E-Learning experience, all members of a group begin at the same level. As a result, participants interact better with each other, which can make training more interesting.

eLearning Programme A Win Win SolutionFor our Genie trainers, this approach notably implies that, because all participants have a sufficiently good level, they get the best out of the practical training and progress rapidly. Since they have already acquired the necessary theory via the E-learning programme, technicians are able to cover more Genie product families hands-on in less time.

For rental customers, this two-step programme guarantees that technicians will attain a higher-level skill set. Today, more than 200 of our customers’ technicians are registered online – a figure we expect to see double in the near future.

The Genie® Tech Pro™ Training Programme Currently Offers The Choice Of 22 E-learning Lessons

  • Basic Hydraulic Theory
  • Basic Electrical Training
  • Wire Rope Inspections
  • Boom Lift
    • RT
    • DC with SEPEX
  • Articulating Boom Lifts
    • Z®-33/18
    • Z®-40/23N
    • Z®-45/25
    • Z®-45 XC
    • Z®-60/37 DC/FE
    • Z®-80/60
    • ZX®-135
  • Telescopic Boom Lifts
    • S®-125
    • S®-85XC
    • SX™-180
    • SX™-135 XC™
    • Web GPI
  • Scissor Lifts
    • DC with Smartlink™
    • DC 5th Generation
    • GS™-69 RT
    • GS™-69 BE
    • GS™-69 DC

For details, contact your local Genie Trainer or send an email to AWP.EMEARTraining@terex.com

What You Think

"I found the Genie online training very interactuve and helpful. A great experience.”

Amit Worlikar,
Rapid Access, DUBAI - UAE

"I see the online Genie Tech Pro training as a really useful addition to our engineer upskill programme. The flexibility of E-Learning means that we can deploy the training to our employees in a moment’s notice. The training is very detailed in its illustration with very useful interactive diagrams. I also see this as being extremely useful for the development of our apprentices and in trend with how they are taught at school. I look forward to seeing Genie add more titles in the future.”

Mark Jones,
HR - Training Manager

"Genie online training has helped improve our engineers’ technical knowledge in order to diagnose machine faults and help improve customer satisfaction. Genie E-Learning is easy to access and monitor the progress made by engineers throughout the different courses available.”

Chris Atkinson
Service Manager
Rapid Access, DUBAI UAE

"We have found the Genie Tech Pro programme to be a great benefit as it provides training about all the hydraulics, electrics and methods of calibration for Genie equipment. The site is simple to use and the lessons are organized in sequences, which are very clear and easy to follow. This proved very useful in helping us solve a recent problem on a Genie Z-135/70 boom lift in the Port of Misrata. Thanks to everyone involved in setting-up the site!”

Mahmud Etluba
Engineer Supervisor
Misrata Free Zone, LYBIA

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E-Learning: A win-win solution

With online training, technicians can organise their theoretical training in their own time to prepare for practical training.

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