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The Need for Telematics

The Genie® Lift Connect™ solution is a telematics program* that focuses on providing actionable information to monitor and manage aerial fleets. It has flexibility in how customers can access and leverage data, and it offers more transparency into understanding and utilizing the information than other offerings in the market. 

No matter what size equipment fleet you have, equipment management is something you do every day. Today’s Genie® Lift Connect™ telematics technology has evolved so that you can take action quickly to maximize productivity and minimize downtime.

In order to benefit from Genie® Lift Connect™ telematics data as soon as possible – if you haven’t registered yet – you first need to create your company account. Please provide to your Genie sales contact your company administrator email. Once you have signed-in to your account, you are on your way to leveraging the benefits of Genie Lift Connect. See below to determinate how to see your connected machines. To sign in, for installation instructions and additional ressources, go to our Documentation Page.

*Note: The use of Genie machines equipped with Genie Lift Connect telematics must be compliant with the local laws and regulations concerning data in those countries. Click here for the current list of countries.


Lift Connect

Subscription for Booms, Scissor Lifts and Telehandlers


  • The subscription includes the ability to consume the data through the Genie Lift Connect Portal and/or the standard ISO API (ISO15143-3).
  • Telematics hardware and a 1-year subscription for Genie GS™ scissor lifts, GR™ and QS™ vertical masts, as well as TZ™ trailer-mounted booms, can be purchased as an option.



How to see your connected machine?

  1. If you are a rental company: You are all set!
    Your new product will automatically be registered with Genie Lift Connect telematics upon shipment from the factory, and you will receive an email confirmation to activate your registration. Please activate it as soon as possible following the email instructions. Should you need to learn how to use the Genie Lift Connect Portal, please refer to our Documentation link on top of this page.
  2. If you are a distributor: You have to activate your machine
    You will only need to register your new machine once you have sold it to a third party. Please use the Single Product Registration or Multiple Product Registration links on top of this page.
  3. If you are a contractor/owner: Please contact your distributor for access
    It is up to your distributor to register your new product under your name and send you an email confirmation to activate your registration. Once you receive the activation email, please activate as soon as possible following the email instructions.



Aftermarket Retrofit Genie Lift Connect Kit

Whether you are a rental company or a distributor, if you want to purchase Aftermarket Genie Lift Connect retrofit kit to be installed on Genie units equipped with a telematics-ready connector, dating back to 2015, you have to activate your machine from our Genie website by accessing the Single Product Registration or Multiple Product Registration forms linked on top of this page.

If you need to place your order, please visit and follow the below steps:

  • Step 1: Order Genie Lift Connect Kit Part Number 1291709GT for a machine with manufacturing date starting from 2015.
  • Step 2: Order Harness Kit.

To view the complete list of Harness’ Part Numbers available for your machine, please click below.

Retrofit Kit Flyer


How will Genie Lift Connect Telematics Support my Fleet?

Actionable Information

Actionable Information

Data is great, but value is created when data is transformed into information. The Genie Lift Connect program provides fleet managers and service managers with tools to maximize efficiency and minimize downtime.

For Fleet Managers, you can utilize the Genie Lift Connect program to:

  • Understand the health of your fleet in a single view
  • Leverage fleet reporting and dashboards to quickly identify exceptions and reduce downtime
  • Search directly for individual asset numbers or models
  • Understand machine utilization and drive ROIC

For Service Managers, the Genie Lift Connect program offers you the ability to:

  • Remotely diagnose equipment, saving time and costly service visits
  • View machines with upcoming maintenance for easy planning
  • View alert dashboards to identify if action should be taken


Flexible API
Lift Connect Phone-Mobile Image


The Genie Lift Connect solution provides data two ways:

  • You can utilize the Genie Lift Connect portal and all its features
  • Alternatively, if you have an existing system you can consume that data via a standard API
Lift Connect Image on Computer


Transparent Information



Machine Data
Non-CAN Bus Control Systems
CAN Bus Control Systems
Machine Hour
Machine Location
Battery or Fuel Level
Charger Information 
Fault Codes 
Sensor Data 
Engine Parameters and Codes

Stage 3B/Tier 4F
Stage 5

Stage 3B/Tier 4F
Stage 5


We believe that the more partners in the value chain with access to the machine data, the more efficient the rental industry becomes. We’ve designed the new Genie Lift Connect solution to share more information than any other player in our industry.


See Genie Lift Connect Telematics in Action


Find out More

Are you ready to take control of your fleet? For more information on Genie Lift Connect, please fill in the form below, and the Genie Lift Connect team will contact you:

Register Your Equipment

To register your machine with factory-fitted or retro-fitted Genie Lift Connect Telematics, and to learn on how to use the Genie Lift Connect Portal, please click below.


Single Product Registration

Multiple Product Registration


Genie Lift Connect Portal Login


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