The Training You Want Where and When You Want It!

by Genie On Oct 17, 2019, 03:00 AM

The Training You Want Where And When You Want It
Flexibility and personalisation at all levelsThe Training You Want Where And When You Want It

For rental customers and their technical teams, it is essential to have a sufficient level of expertise in order to keep equipment properly maintained and safe to operate. But, it isn’t always easy to combine training and learning with the constraints of a daily job. To solve this dilemma, Genie introduced the two-step Genie® Tech Pro™ technical training programme two years ago.


E-Learning on the Genie® Tech Pro™ website*. Theoretical training in your own time, accessible at any time.

For technicians, finding the time for the necessary training can be challenging. This is why Genie created an online training programme that allows technicians and engineers to train themselves anywhere, at anytime, with sessions that correspond to their skills level and schedule.

On the Genie Tech Pro technical training website, users have the choice of 22 training classes in English, that last between two to four hours each. Nineteen training sessions focus on Genie products and three target general skills, such as electrics, hydraulics and wire rope inspections. Starting this summer, we are adding three more sessions in English, as well as in French, German and Spanish, dedicated to the Genie® Z®-45 XC and SX™-135 XC boom lifts. Soon, all new sessions will be accessible in the four languages.

Genie Tech Pro training users will also soon have access to a new Genie booms course, covering topics such as load sense, drive and control systems.

Access to the website is free of charge for Genie account holders. Technicians who have been registered by their employers on the Genie E-Learning website only need to type in their user name and password. Then, it’s ready and set to go, with their choice of theme, time and place to adapt training to specific needs and preferences. And if technicians want to go back over a subject, they are free to do so for as many times as they need to.

Once technicians are confident with their level, they take a test before moving on to hands-on training. However, as Geert Hansen, Genie Technical Trainer and Training Manager, Terex AWP EMEAR explains, “The test is neither an examination nor a Genie diploma. It allows technicians to check that their level is good enough for them to feel comfortable  when they begin the practical training.”


Hands-on training made-to-measure

Technicians are now ready to follow one or two practical training sessions with Genie technical experts. Here again, our rental customers have the choice.

Genie offers a choice of 13 technical training sessions that can be followed at our Training Centres in Roosendaal, The Netherlands, in South Witham in the UK or on its customers’ own premises. Before learning hands-on with machines, participants benefit from a final theoretical session to answer any questions.

Developed in the U.S., the key focus of the Genie® Tech Pro™ training programme is to allow as many technicians as possible to have access to technical training but also to make it easier for them to find the time. They don’t even need to leave the workshop; they can begin when and where they want and stop and start again when it’s convenient. This flexibility takes the stress out of training since, as soon as a new machine comes in, technicians have immediate access to the information they need on the website. After the E-Learning phase, technicians are already familiar with the machine, so when they start the practical training they’re at the same level and much readier to interact together.”

Geert Hansen,
Genie Technical Trainer and Training Manager, Terex AWP Europe, The Middle East, Africa and Russia region.

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