Genie® Service Solutions: Taking Support to the Next Level

by Genie On Oct 24, 2019, 03:00 AM

Genie Service Solutions Taking Support to the Next Level

Equipment downtime: A rental nightmare Genie Service Solutions Taking Support to the Next Level

Over the past few years, it has become increasing difficult for rental companies to find engineers and service technicians with the right experience. Keeping in mind that equipment downtime is a rental owner’s archenemy, anticipating or solving technical issues rapidly and correctly is imperative. To help rental companies solve issues related to the maintenance of their machines, today Genie® Services Solutions (GSS) allows fleet owners to contract the services of the Genie service team to increase their uptime, maximize equipment productivity, and reduce their overall maintenance costs.


A tailor-made contract

Accounting for the number of depots, country- specific legislation and machine operating hours, GSS is adapted to meet contractors’ and rental companies’ individual needs. The basic contract includes the necessary number of visits a year, to ensure that the recommendations provided in the service manuals are respected.

For companies that want more support, GSS goes even further to mitigate the risk of technical issues with the choice of two options, in addition to the basic service contract.

Additional options include:
  • Preventive Maintenance package, on top of the initial contract, which includes the verification and replacement of parts, oil, grease and lubricants as listed in the corresponding product maintenance protocols.
  • The Full Service package, which includes the basic contract, plus Preventive Maintenance and Corrective Maintenance covering the replacement of parts and components in the case of wear or failure, excluding damages.
Increased uptime and serenity

And because machines backed by a GSS contract are serviced regularly and correctly, you have the peace of mind of knowing that your equipment will always be rental-ready throughout its entire lifecycle. Furthermore, in addition to significantly reducing downtime and the time and costs involved with in-the-field repairs and parts supply, machines that are well-maintained are the sign of an efficiently run business, which is a decisive factor for end-user customers.

Optimised residual value

For fleet owners, GSS means that your Genie machines are serviced and maintained as recommended by the manufacturer. So, when the time comes to sell equipment on, it will still be in the best condition possible, which will optimise its resale value.


In the UK, “The choice of a GSS contract went without saying.”

Owners of a fleet of over 1,500 mobile work platforms ranging from three to 28 metres, for rental company GT Access based in Worcestershire in the UK, GSS was a question of strategy. The choice of a Genie service contract followed the acquisition of two 40-metre Genie S®-125  telescopic  boom lifts. With new market opportunities ahead, but lacking the technical experience in big booms to handle the necessary maintenance correctly, for GT Access, the peace of mind of its technicians and the extra time it gave them to focus on their core business had priority over the cost of the contract.

"When we purchased our two new Genie S-125 units, our technicians weren’t sufficiently experienced to handle the maintenance required for this category of machine. For just two units, a Full Service contract worked out to be more cost-effective than training by far. Like any machines of this size, the calibration and servicing of a Genie S-125 boom lift is a meticulous process that can only be carried out correctly by technicians with the right experience. With GSS, the fact that Genie handles all the planned maintenance and any other necessary interventions is a real benefit. Especially since, besides knowing that we can rely on highly experienced Genie technicians to take care of our machines, while they are visiting, they always take the time to share their experience with our team before leaving. At GT Access, the safety of our staff and customers is paramount, hence our motivation in choosing GSS to look after our two new Genie S-125 units.”

Justin Kite,
Marketing Manager GT Access

In France, “A flexible contract that saves us time.”

Based in Vitrolles in the south east of France, rental company Frèche recently signed a five- year Full Service GSS contract for five Genie ZX™-135/70 and three Genie Z®-60/37 FE boom lifts. Its motivations were as follows:

"Primarily, we don’t have sufficient technical expertise in hybrid technology or big 43-meter work platforms in-house to keep these new generation models in perfect working order. Secondly, when it comes to manufacturer recommendations, we have every confidence in the Genie service network to keep our machines covered. In terms of reliability and safety, we prefer to leave these models in the hands of Genie who, as their manufacturer, fully masters the necessary maintenance protocols to keep them in prime condition. At the same time, being able to rely on Genie leaves our team more time for other tasks. Just one Genie service contract covers all our depots, which means that we know our equipment is serviced correctly regardless of where the machines are rented. If it were not for GSS, we would have had to assign our own technicians to do the job, which would have implied training a member of staff for each of our branches. We’re convinced that our GSS contract will reduce the cost of ownership as well as prolonging the lifetime of our new machines.”

Eric Terzian,
Technical Manager Frèche Rental


Today, with Terex Financial Services (TFS), you can finance your Genie Service Solutions (GSS) contract at the same time as your Genie equipment.

For you, this means a global financing solution, covering your machines as well as their maintenance, which will allow you to spread your service costs.

For details, please contact your local Genie sales representative.

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