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We appreciate your choice of a Genie® or Terex® machine for your application. Our number one priority is user safety, which is best achieved through joint efforts. We feel you make a major contribution to safety if you, as the equipment users and operators:

  • Comply with employer, job site and governmental rules.
  • Read, understand and follow the instructions in all safety and operators manuals supplied with our machines.
  • Use safe work practices in a common sense way.
  • Only have trained/qualified operators, directed by informed and knowledgeable supervision, running the machine.
  • Operators Manuals – Always read, understand and obey the safety rules and operating instructions before operating any machine.  Only trained and authorized personnel are permitted to operate any Genie machine. The operators manual should be considered a permanent part of your machine and should remain with the machine at all times. If you have any questions, please contact a Genie representative.

Is your Genie Equipment Up to Date?

Safety Notices & Campaign Bulletins

Safety of product users is of paramount importance to Genie. Various bulletins are used by Genie to communicate important safety and product information to dealers and machine owners.

The information contained in the bulletins is tied to specific machines using the machine model and serial number. Using the above search tool, once you correctly enter your Genie machine serial number (exactly as its displayed on the serial label eg XXXXX-XXXXX), you can view any open bulletins reference numbers relevant for that machine that require mandatory and immediate work to be undertaken.

Genie Safety Notice Tool for Smart Phones and Mobile Devices

Type this address below in the web browser of your smartphone or tablet:

The first time it opens you will be asked to add it to your home screen, accept and the icon Genie is on your home screen.

or scan the QR Code below:

Genie Safety Bulletin QR Code









To then receive a copy of the notice(s) listed, for advice and support on processing a safety notice requirement or to report a product incident query, please email your bulletin reference number to 


Genie Safety Minute

Genie Safety Minute (in English only) is intended to facilitate health and safety discussions on the job site.  For additional Genie Safety Minutes, visit Aerial Pros (in English only).  Always read your operator's manual!