Load Calibration

by Jason Berry - Product Safety ManagerSr. Product Safety Manager On Mar 18, 2021, 03:00 AM

Load Calibration for Load Sense

What is the primary purpose of load sense, and why does it matter when you’re operating a mobile elevating work platform (MEWP)? For starters, the platform overload system is designed to prevent machine operation in the event the platform is overloaded.   

Testing the platform overload system regularly is essential to safe machine operation. Continued use of an improperly operating platform overloading system could result in the system not sensing an overloaded platform condition. Machine stability could be compromised, resulting in the machine tipping over.   Load Calibration for Load Sense

How do you leverage the safety benefits of load sense?  Here are a couple of common questions we receive: 

1) When do I have to calibrate the platform load sensing system?  

Genie® MEWP specifications require that this procedure be performed annually or when the machine fails to lift the maximum rated load. Refer to the Service and Repair Manual of your model for additional information.   

Need more manuals? Find them here: www.genielift.com/manuals 

2) What’s the difference between a full load calibration and a zero load calibration?   

  • A zero load calibration shall be performed when the required weight for full load calibration is not available. Zero load calibration does not require rated load in the platform.
  • It will re-calibrate the zero-load point without effecting a previous full load calibration.  
  • The platform load capacity will be reduced until a full load calibration has been performed.
  • A full load calibration is required for rated load performance. 
  • Full load calibration has two steps requiring calibration with and without rated load in the platform.   

Want to learn more about Genie equipment with load sense? Contact us!   

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