Tips for Using the Genie Smart Link™ Dual Zone Controls

by Michael Flanagan - Product Manager On Oct 15, 2020, 03:00 AM

FEATURED - Tips for Using the Genie Smart Link™ Dual Zone Controls

Soon, all Genie® GS™ scissor lifts and GR™, QS™ & GRC vertical mast lifts will be manufactured in compliance with applicable national standards adopted by each country, which drive differences to machine design and use due to standards requirements for side force, chassis tilt, wind rating platform load sensing and various other specifications and stability considerations.

In compliance with the applicable national standards, scissor lifts and vertical mast lifts bearing an “indoor only” rating will be limited to operating in areas that are not exposed to wind. Machines rated for outdoor use are designed and manufactured for use in COPY - Tips for Using the Genie Smart Link Dual Zone Controls areas exposed to wind up to 12.5 m/s (28 mph), as defined by the applicable national standards.

In response to the standards requirements, Genie has designed a new generation of slab scissor lift and vertical mast lift products that are enabled for safe use in both indoor and outdoor applications. To achieve both an indoor and outdoor wind rating, all newly manufactured Genie scissor and vertical mast lifts equipped with the Genie Smart Link™ control system will now include dual-zone operation functionality. Two buttons have been added to the Genie Smart Link control platform, enabling the operator to select the “Indoor”or “Outdoor” zone of operation.

As dual-zone functionality is a new feature and functionality for customers globally, operators need to be familiar with the new controls and machine operation. Here are some tips for successfully using these modern Genie machines:

  • When an operator starts up a Genie GS scissor lift or GR, QS & GRC vertical mast lift equipped with the Genie Smart Link dual zone control system, the zone button LEDs will flash, prompting the operator to select the indoor or outdoor zone of operation, in accordance with the environment that they are operating in.
    • The Genie Smart Link control system will remember the zone selection until the machine is shut down in the stowed position.
  • Jobsite safety managers can verify the proper indoor or outdoor zone selection by viewing the ground control display.
    • Additionally, the zone selection is recorded in the Genie Smart Link control system function log history, which can be reviewed and downloaded from the control system’s web tool.
  • If the indoor zone is selected, the platform can lift to the maximum indoor platform height.
  • If the outdoor zone is selected, the platform will automatically stop at the outdoor height limit
    • If the platform up function is pressed while at the “OHL,” the operator will receive a reminder that they are at the outdoor height limit.
    • Outdoor height limits vary by machine, operators should review machine specification sheets for more information.
  • If no zone is selected while the machine is stowed, and the operator initially selects lift, the outdoor zone selection will default, and the platform will stop at the outdoor height limit.
  • If the platform reaches the outdoor height limit with the outdoor zone selected, but the machine is operating indoors, the operator can select the indoor zone at any time, to continue elevating to the maximum platform height (slab scissor lifts only).
  • If the operator transitions from an indoor to outdoor application, and changes zones above the outdoor height limit, the machine will alarm, requiring the operator to lower the platform until at, or below, the maximum outdoor platform height.

To reduce confusion in the marketplace, especially in rental fleets that have a mix of older and newer machines, customers can easily identify a Genie GS and GR, QS and GRC dual-zone lift model in two ways:

  1. The platform control includes indoor and outdoor zone buttons
  2. The Genie Smart Link decal on the platform toeboard has been updated to indicate dual zone control

The Genie Smart Link dual-zone functionality update enables Genie scissor lifts and vertical mast lifts to meet the latest industry standards, while enhancing productivity and performance on jobsites, indoor and outdoor.

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Advantages of Dual-Zone Operation on Genie® Scissor Lifts

As aerial industry standards continue to become more closely aligned worldwide, manufacturers like Genie, who produce scissor lifts (a classification of mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs) named for their lifting mechanism design — a stack of crossed tubes that work in a scissor-like fashion when the platform is raised and lowered) for global markets are taking a closer look at how requirements in these standards impact machine design and safe use.

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