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Novena Church

Institutional - Religious Building

Novena church - Quick & safe lifting of heavy marble slabs; saved 50% time

Lifting of heavy marble slabs (each slab is 50 kg) was required for cladding work. Dangerous with only scaffolds for support. 12 Genie® machines replaced 70% of scaffolds. Safe lifting of slabs was expedited, reducing project time from 12 months to 6 months.

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Berjaya Times Square

Commercial & Leisure – Shopping Center & Mall

Berjaya Times Square – Enabled rapid decor installations at multiple locations with ZERO mall disruption, ZERO emission and ZERO noise

Night-time installations of decor became impractical with scaffolds and truck mounted boom constantly being erected/dismantled and the outriggers deployment. Genie machines replaced this tedious process, enabling rapid and efficient decor installation in multiple locations.


PT Sango

Industrial – Manufacturing Plant (Automotive Parts)

PT Sango – Changing 210 ceiling lamps and cables safely without obstructing factory operations; eliminated using unsafe ceiling cranes

Previously, maintenance work required unsafe ceiling cranes (hooking a man-basket at dangerous heights). After switching to a Genie machine, maintenance work reduced by 75% with just two workers - without disrupting factory floor operations and cut safety risks to workers.


New yangon Airport

Infrastructure – Airport Terminal

New Yangon Airport Terminals – Transformed terminal construction by replacing scaffolds that created road blockages and traffic congestion

Terminals were near main roads. Previously, scaffolds were set up on the roads and caused road blockages. Genie machines were deployed off road; their horizontal reach allowed workers to access the same areas as scaffolds, but without causing traffic congestion.

MRT Track Extension

Infrastructure – Road Tunnel

MRT Track Extension – Improved workers’ safety on uneven surfaces and narrow, inaccessible areas

Uneven rough terrain and narrow access under MRT tracks caused major worker safety issues. 120 Genie machines were deployed, elevating workers to reach narrow, inaccessible areas with complete confidence and safety.


Deo Ca Tunnel

Infrastructure – Road Tunnel

Deo Ca Tunnel – Installation of huge air ducts. Precise accessibility and lifting capability in narrow, confined spaces

Each air duct measuring 5 ft (D) x 3.3 m (L) x 980 kg. Installation of several air ducts in the tight tunnel was dangerous and time consuming. Genie machines made it fast and safe for just five workers to lift and maneuver the air ducts into the precise location for easy installation.



Commercial & Leisure – Convention & Mall

BITEC – Met tight project timeline with high jobsite support with Genie machines that matched low floor pressure requirement

The low maximum floor load prevented truck-loaded lifts from operating onsite. A total of 20 Genie boom lifts and scissor lifts were deployed, and completing the project in a tight 10-month deadline with the local Genie dealer deploying high jobsite support to attend to any machine issues.


Power Grid

Energy & Utilities – Power Infrastructure

Power Grid – Replaced scaffolding nationwide for faster switchyard and tower maintenance

Scaffolding made switchyard and tower maintenance slow and laborious for PGC, India’s largest Electric Power Transmission Utility provider. They invested in 70 Genie machines, replacing scaffoldings for all 110 units of switchyards and towers -- gaining enhanced safety and productivity.


Qingdoa Beihai Shipyard

Infrastructure - Shipbuilding

Qingdao Beihai Shipyard – Deployed Genie HD machines for harsh shipyard environment

Scaffolding, cranes and trucks failed to be robust enough to withstand harsh shipyard environments. Genie HD machines are purpose-built for shipyard use and were the first MEWP to be adopted by China’s shipbuilding companies, helping to drive rapid industry growth.