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Making your products highly effective in a number of applications.

  • BoomAccessDeck_Rendering

    Genie® Lift Tools™ Access Deck – Booms

    The new Genie® Lift Tools™ Access Deck for boom lifts provides operators with a secondary surface to work from, elevating them 22 in (0.56 m) above the platform floor. Attached to the platform midrail, this additional access enables operators to get into restricted spaces to increase productivity.

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    Providing more than 3 sq ft (0.27 m) of additional work area in the platform, this accessory is designed for use on jobsites where operators in a standard boom platform cannot reach their work. This additional access is ideal for use in HVAC, electrical, lighting, plumbing and welding applications, as well as between rafters or other structures at height. It is rated for both indoor and outdoor use.

    Part Number

    • KIT Number:1291798GT

  • PlatformMesh_Combo_SH

    Genie® Lift Guard™ Platform Mesh Accessories

    Genie® protective solutions continue to evolve to meet the demands of today’s aerial jobsites. The Genie Lift Guard™ Platform Mesh family of accessories is designed to prevent dropped objects falling from aerial worksites. With two options to choose from — half-height aluminum and full-height aluminum, these contemporary mesh accessories engineered to help operators keep jobsite materials and tools from falling out of boom platforms working at height.

    Lift Guard™ Platform Mesh


    Helps operators keep job-site material and tools from falling out of articulated and telescopic boom platforms working at height.  

    Part Number

    • 1283049GT Kit, 8’ Full Mesh, Side Gate
    • 1286622GT Kit, 6’ Full Mesh, Side Gate
    • 1290896GT Kit, 8’ Full Mesh with Front Gate

    • 1290895GT Kit, 6’ Full Mesh with Front Gate
    • 1275281GT Kit, 8’Half Mesh, Side Gate
    • 1275282GT Kit, 6’Half Mesh, Side Gate
    • 1290894GT Kit, 8’Full Mesh with Front Gate
    • 1290893GT Kit, 6’ Full Mesh with Front Gate


    Genie® Tech Pro™ Link

    With the Genie Tech Pro™ Link diagnostics tool, everything you need to know is right in the palm of your hand. It allows users to monitor a machine's gauges, including engine temperature, oil pressure, fuel levels and battery voltage, calibrate the machine, make speed adjustments during pre-operation inspection, get service alerts and reminders, track maintenance intervals, receive fault code information and so much more - all from the palm of your technician's hand. The information is readily available without having to navigate layers and layers of menu structure. This device is designed to provide real-time information that will keep your Genie boom lift up and running, maximizing your customers' productivity and your rental return on invested capital (rROIC). The Genie Tech Pro Link handheld device is currently compatible for use with the CAN-enabled control systems on mid-sized Genie S® telescopic Xtra Capacity™ (XC™) booms. 

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    Provides real-time information that will keep your Genie boom lift up and running. 

    Part Number

    • 1276686GT
  • Genie Lift Power

    Genie® Lift Power™

    The Genie Lift Power™ system includes a new generation of hydraulically driven generators for your customers, and their operators, who relay on productive power at the platform to get their work done. This new configuration is a significantly different design from its predecessor system. Instead of relying on the lift circuit or drive hydraulic circuit, this new generator system runs on a stand-alone circuit with a separate hydraulic pump to supply continuous power. This contemporary accessory allows your customers to lift, drive and power tools, such as heavy-duty welders, for increased productivity.  

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    Allows you to lift, drive and power tools, such as heavy-duty welders, for increased productivity.  
  • 9 - OPS

    Genie® Operator Protective Structure (OPS)

    The Genie OPS is an optional device for installation on an S or Z boom lift and provides secondary protection for operators in the event of contact with an overhead obstacle in certain applications. The Genie OPS features a tubular steel structure designed to transfer the kinetic energy into surrounding structures while maintaining a protected area for the operator. The device can be attached to boom lifts with 6 ft. to 8 ft. platforms and allows for excellent visibility. It weighs 36 lbs. and is bolted directly on the boom lift’s platform; no modifications are needed. 


    Provides secondary operator protection in work near overhead obstacles.

    Part Number

    • 219158GT
  • Genie Fall Arrest Bar

    Genie® Fall Arrest Bar

    The Genie Fall arrest bar* accessory for ANSI and CSA boom lifts is an exciting addition to any fleet. The fall arrest bar is available for either 6 ft. or 8 ft. platforms and quickly attaches on nearly all Genie booms. The accessory allows a user to exit the platform and work comfortably outside of the platform with a 6 ft. shock absorbing lanyard.  

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    Allows a user to exit the platform and work comfortably at height. 

    Part Number

    • 1256377GT 8ft. word decal
    • 1256378GT 6ft word decal
    • 1261018GT 8ft. French decal
    • 1261019GT 6ft. French decal
  • 7 - TOOL TRAY

    Genie® Tool Tray

    This easily-installed tool tray is designed to help eliminate clutter and potential tripping hazards by providing operators and workers with a convenient place to store their tools, fasteners and small materials in the platform.


    To hold tools needed for the job including: screws, bolts, and cleaning supplies. 

    Part Number

    • 9599-SGT works on all platforms with round rails. 
  • 6 - SWING GATE

    Genie® Swing Gate

    The swing gate replaces the standard sliding mid-rail for walk-in access to the platform. This allows for easy entry and exit when wearing a tool belt, carrying a tool box, or loading materials into the platform. 


    Helps people enter into the platform and bring materials with them more efficiently.

    Part Number

    • 119950 available on all boom lifts

    Genie® Pipe Cradle

    Designed, tested and approved by Genie, pipe cradles reduce the risk of fatigue by providing a secure way to lift pipes when working from a scissor lift or even an S or Z boom lift. Genie pipe cradles deliver stability and rigidity with a robust design which transfers the load away from the guard rails and onto the platform deck. The pipe cradle assembly mounts easily to the platform guardrails with U-bolts and rests on the floor of the platform when installed.

    Maximum Capacity Rating: 200 lbs.


    Assists in installing materials such as: Pipes, sprinkler systems, plumbing. 

    Part Number

    • 85300GT available on all S and Z boom lifts (Must order 2 per machine).
    • 72878GT (available on GS-2046, GS-2646, GS-3246)
    • 131626GT (available on GS-2668, GS-3268, GS-2669, GS-3369, and GS-4069)
    • 131627GT (available on GS-3384, GS-3390, GS-4390, GS-5390)

    Genie® Panel Cradle

    The boom lift panel cradle package allows an operator to lift panels up to 250 lbs. outside the existing guard rails of the boom platform. It includes two cradles with hardware, two high density pads, and a load retaining strap. The cradles can be mounted on the end of the platform or on the side, increasing productivity. The two high density pads can also be placed in any position on the rails to protect the panel. 

    Maximum Capacity Rating: 250 lbs. (boom); 160 lbs. (scissor). Panel cradle option is available on select scissor models. Contact Genie parts for more information.


    Assists in installing materials such as: windows, panels, drywall.

    Part Number

    • 77683GT available on all S™ and Z™ boom lifts except for the Z-40, Z-34/22, and Z-20/8.
    • 1251827GT available for GS™-2046 and GS-2646 (parts differ from boom panel cradle). 
  • Genie Lift Guard Contact Alarm

    Genie® Lift Guard™ Contact Alarm

    The Lift Guard™ Contact Alarm is designed to alert ground personnel when an operator makes contact with the platform control panel, interrupting boom movement, sounding an alarm and flashing a warning light. The system is designed to be unobtrusive, featuring a activation cable fitted above the boom lift’s control panel.  When the activation cable is tripped, the lift and drive functions are disabled at the platform. Then audio and visual warnings will activate alerting others that assistance may be needed. These notifications will continue until the system is reset — simply click the activation cable back into place.  


    Provides secondary operator protection in work near surrounding obstacles. 

    Part Number

    • 1279134GT, 6-ft & 8-ft platform, ALC1000
    • 1279135GT, 6-ft & 8-ft platform, NON-ALC1000