10 Safety Tips for Operating your Genie® Telehandler

by Genie On Jun 3, 2021, 03:00 AM

How to Properly Maintain Your Genie Telehandler

Proper operator training and regular machine inspections and checks play a crucial part of safe work practices before operating any Genie® Telehandler.  

Here’s a list of 10 safety tips* for operating telehandlers on a jobsite that can be a useful reference for operators: 

  1. Training**
    Make sure you have received proper training (both general and hands-on) as well as familiarisation on the telehandler you will operate. How to Properly Maintain Your Genie Telehandler

  1.  Regulations & Manuals
    Always read and understand the manufacturer’s operator manuals, worksite regulations and your local regulations. 

  1. Inspection
    Perform a pre-operation inspection and functions tests before each use. 

  1. Seatbelt
    Always wear a seatbelt while operating the telehandler. 

  1. Load capacity chart
    Be sure the load chart matches the machine and the approved attachment on the machine before lifting the load. 

  1. Know Your Load
    All EU telehandlers have load limiter devices to prevent overloading. Always refer to the load chart located in the cabin to not exceed the maximum capacity.   

  1. Additional Restrictions
    When using the telehandler to lift suspended loads, there are additional restrictions. Always refer to the EU Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC EN13000, Cranes - EN1459, Annex B and additional instructions for these applications.Page Break 

  1. In case of falling objects
    The cab is designed to withstands falling objects. Should this event occur, the operator should remain in the cab to ensure their safety. 

  1. Stability Triangle
    Ensure the combined centre of gravity of the telehandler and the load always remains within the stability triangle. 

  1. Jobsite Risk Assessment
    Perform a risk assessment by looking for drop-offs, holes, slopes, slippery or unstable surfaces, overhead high-voltage cables and similar. 

For more information on the Genie® Telehandler range, visit www.genielift.com

* This is an abbreviated list. Operators must be properly trained and rely on the operating manual and other materials supplied with the machine. 
** Training is mandatory in some countries. 

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