Why Outsourcing Maintenance Can Be the Right Choice for Your Fleet

by Genie On Nov 5, 2020, 03:00 AM

The Value of a Certified Aerial Equipment Service Technician

For equipment owners, a fully and properly maintained mobile elevated work platform (MEWP) can mean reduced downtime, increased utilization, better rental rates and higher residual values. But, performing maintenance to a high standard requires the right knowledge and training.  

While some equipment owners may choose to employ staff to perform this work in-house, others are finding benefits to outsourcing that work. For example, Genie®-owned PSR Ltd (Platform Service and Repair), the largest MEWP aftermarket service solutions provider in the UK and Ireland, not only handles equipment repairs both in the field and in their workshop locations, but the company also offers service agreements tailored to customers’ needs.  

This flexibility allows equipment owners the peace of mind knowing their fleet is receiving the maintenance needed to keep it in top shape, along with other benefits, including: 

  • Safety and Risk – Customers recognize that properly maintained equipment is critical to safety, and they appreciate that outsourcing this work to a company with specialized expertise and experience helps maintain their equipment to the right standards 

  • Recruitment of Talent – It can be hard for fleet operators to find and recruit the right talent to perform proper and required maintenance. By outsourcing this task, it removes the time investment and cost of recruiting, on boarding and training, as well as all potential costs associated with employing team members. 

  • Convenience – By working with a large, well established aftermarket service solutions provider, customers can leverage the teams’ extensive knowledge — built up over many years of working on multiples brands of MEWPs. Using one supplier to service and repair all makes and models of access equipment can be a great convenience for customers, especially for those who have a mixed fleet or equipment located across multiple sites.  

  • Cost Planning – A service agreement brings the comfort of knowing the exact future cost of maintaining your equipment — providing peace of mind and protection against unexpected surprises that impact budgets or cash flow. 

  • Benefits to Operating Profit – A high focus on response times and a first-time fix mentality supports customers by helping to keep machine downtime to the minimum. How Machine Data Influences MEWP Maintenance and Service

Preventive Maintenance is Key to a Healthy MEWP Rental Fleet 

With a fully maintained MEWP, rental companies can reduce downtime, increasing available rental days and fleet utilization. Performing maintenance to a high standard is key, as well as tracking machine performance. For example, adjusting engine rev settings to maintain recommended outputs ensures that it is not being overworked or low performance is experienced, which would increase wear and higher loads on other components (pumps / hydraulic systems, and so)  

In addition to a robust maintenance program, a fast response time, diagnosis and resolution to any unexpected issues is also key. With less issues arising due to the correct maintenance this also strengthens the reputation of the equipment, as well as the rental company as one who has a high focus on both safety and quality, which would in turn have an impact on rental rates. 

As well as increased availability, this can also bring an increase in residual value to rental companies’ fleets as they are able to supply the full machine maintenance history. On Genie products, in particular, there is also the benefit to prove its compliance to the OEM recommendations and that genuine OEM parts have been used to maintain the machine. 

Utilizing Technology to Help with Preventive Maintenance 

In many cases using the data points from telematics, and especially the Genie® Lift Connect™ program provides the ability to monitor the machines “health,” location and to notify MEWP technicians when a period of usage has been reached so that they can plan the required maintenance at the manufacturer’s recommended service intervals. Previously, technicians would have to rely on the machine user to notify them of the hours. This could often be difficult when the machine was located on a jobsite for a long period of time and not seen by the owner until after time interval had lapsed. With telematics, technicians can now proactively advise the owner of required maintenance, giving the owner the opportunity to order service parts in advance to reduce the downtime. 

In today’s busy construction market, many customers are looking to companies like PSR for their tailored contract solutions – from basic examinations to maintain local compliance through to fully serviced and maintained contracts. Particularly in the end-user market, as well as larger companies who have multiple sites, the benefit of being able to outsource to companies like PSR is that rental companies get the help they need in proactively monitoring the equipment and scheduling preventive maintenance. 

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