Invest a Little Time to Gain Important Technical Skills

by Genie On Apr 15, 2021, 03:00 AM

2 - FEATURED - Invest a Little Time to Gain Important Technical Skills

Investing a little time in training to gain a lot more later is a basic principle that most far-sighted entrepreneurs agree upon for two simple reasons: First, because the better their technical teams are trained, the more they gain in efficiency and productivity. Second, because at the end of the day, training focussed on a future timesaving is profitable, even very profitable. 

As a brand that has always brought to market products and services that support its customers’ success, when it came to training, Genie considered the following: 

Typical, formatted technical training on a manufacturer’s premises leads to: 

  • The immobilization of customer’s teams for one or several days 
  • Travel expenses for the employer 
  • The constraint of planning sessions for everyone  
  • A deficit in training adapted to technicians’ specific needs 
  • Individual added value that is difficult to measure 

Customers need to be offered a tailor-made technical training solution combining: 2 - COPY IMAGE - Invest a Little Time to Gain Important Technical Skills

  • The availability of technicians at work 
  • No expenses 
  • Flexible, easy, access 
  • Personalised content adapted to priorities and the individual level of each technician
  • Measurable benefits in terms of time saved for the daily business activity

For Genie, the solution was obvious: Allow technicians to increase their skills at their own pace at any time without being absent from their workplace. For rental companies, this means that their technical teams remain available to do their job as usual, while benefitting from training that to acquire a higher level of skills at the same time as increasing their efficiency and productivity.  

This is what led to the e-learning solution launched two years ago —Genie® Tech Pro™ online training program. With this manufacturer-led e-learning solution, technicians increase their skills in a few hours, at their own pace, to perform aerial equipment maintenance and repairs more easily and rapidly. 

The advantages of this program are numerous: 

  • Free of charge for customers with a Genie account 
  • 22 (2-3 hours each) online lessons including:  
    • Basic theory modules (hydraulics, electrics, cabling) 
    • Modules focused on the maintenance of Genie products
  • 24/7/365 on-demand access 
  • The choice of lessons, time and place of training
  • Training adapted to each person’s individual skill level
  • The ability to go back to a lesson at any time
  • A self-assessment quiz allowing technicians to evaluate their level and progress personally  

In other words, all the advantages of ATAWAD — Any Time, Any Where, on Any Device — without the cost of the subscription.  

Of course, for many technicians, basic theoretical training lacks the tactile, physical aspect of having the machine in their hands. This is why Genie offers technicians the opportunity to go a step further with practical training lessons. Here again, Genie customers have the choice: 

  • 13 training modules 
  • At Genie global training centres, including sites in Oklahoma City, OK (USA), and Roosendaal, the Netherlands
  • Or on customers’ own premises 

Added to which, a special theory session organized in groups of two participants, to answer any final questions, before learning hands-on with the machine. 

And, the best part of the program is that technicians can work through the curriculum at their own pace. Left to the discretion of the employer according to the individual’s specific workload and priorities, once technicians that have followed the e-learning courses in the Genie Tech Pro online training program, they have acquired the skills needed to confidently move to the hands-on stage of their development. 

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