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S-60 FE

Telescopic Boom Lifts

The Genie® S®-60 FE hybrid boom lift delivers rough terrain capabilities with clean and quiet jobsite performance to open the door to new opportunities in urban centers, arenas and residentials. The S-60 FE can perform in any surface including soft and loose rough terrain thanks to its lightweight. Additionally, it can work more than one week on a single tank of fuel and a full day’s shift on a single battery charge. 

  • 1/3 lighter than comparable booms, ideal for city jobs or applications requiring low floor loading
  • True rough terrain performance with 4WD, 45% gradeability and active oscillating axle
  • Simplified maintenance with DPF-free engine (Stage V/IIIA), fully sealed AC electric drive motors and 70% less hydraulic components in the drive chassis
  • For reduced downtime, working is possible even on dead batteries thanks to state-of-the-art hybrid technology, also offering regenerative braking and automatic start-and-stop
  • Two modes of operation: all-electric and hybrid, with outstanding efficiency and jobsite versatility
  • 300 kg/660 lb capacity 
  • 1.83 m (6 ft) jib with a 130° working range for accurate positioning


Nota: The attached Global spec sheet shows the All-electric version of the S-60. This product is available in Australia only in hybrid version.

Specification Value
Max Working Height 67 ft 2 in | 20.60 m
Max Horizontal Reach 40 ft 6 in | 12.30 m
Platform Capacity 660 lb | 300 kg
Machine Width and Length 8 ft 2 in | 31 ft 8 in | 2.49 m | 9.65 m
  • S-60 FE Product Specifications 2023
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