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Accessories_Icon Genie® Lift Power™

Genie options and accessories offerings continue to evolve. The new Genie® Lift Power™ system includes a new generation of hydraulically driven generators for your customers, and their operators, who rely on productive power at the platform to get their work done. This modernized accessory allows your customers to lift, drive and power tools, such as heavy-duty welders, for increased productivity.

Key Features:

  • Allows continuous usage for lifting, driving and powering tools, such as heavy-duty welders
  • Unlike the previous system, the new system is on a stand-alone circuit with a separate hydraulic pump for continuous power
  • Generator system does not require time to spool up, power is immediately available with the flip of a switch
  • Increased productivity translates to no power interruptions during the welding process
  • Low-maintenance hydraulic-driven generator system improves rental store’s rROIC
  • Three options available to provide reliable power solutions worldwide:
    • Two 3 kW options are available to meet the specific demands of our global customers: For markets that use 50 Hz AC power, the all-new 3 kW generator can be easily configured to output either 120V and 240V single phase. For 60 Hz markets, an all-new 3 kW 120V generator will efficiently supply power to meet jobsite demands.
    • A single-phase, 220V (50 Hz) 7 kW generator solution that is specifically configured for the needs of the Australian market.
    • A three-phase, 240V (60 Hz) 12 kW generator solution is uniquely configured for North American boom operators to run heavy-duty weld machines.