Stay Informed about Your MEWP Fleet with Important Genie® Safety and Product Notices

by Chad Hislop - Sr. Director of Product Management On Nov 21, 2019, 03:00 am

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Jobsite safety needs to be a priority for contractors, distributors and manufacturers alike. It takes a collective effort to keep everyone safe when working with and around construction equipment.

At Genie, we take safety very seriously, making sure we provide our customers with the most up-to-date information on our equipment possible. In fact, did you know that we offer a multitude of resources, ranging from operator manuals, training resources and best-practices information, under the “Support” tab on and on Genie Aerial Pros, our education website?

We also actively communicate product specific information through safety and product notices to current owners of all Genie and Terex light tower equipment — regardless of whether the machine is still under warranty or been purchased through a third-party seller. 

What are safety and product notices?

Quality and safety are built into every machine that Genie® produces. However, occasionally repairs and adjustments need to be made after a machine is in the field — similar to the recalls used by the automotive industry. 

We use safety and product notices to communicate vital information that may impact the well-being of the operator or the long-term performance of the machines we make. The information in each notice is tied to the specific machine model and serial number, so owners receive pertinent information to the equipment they own. 

How to registerStay Informed about Your MEWP Fleet with Important GenieĀ® Safety and Product Notice

Registering ownership of Genie products and Terex® light towers is easy. The only information needed to register is a machine’s model and serial number, which can be found on every product Genie manufactures. With that information in hand, equipment owners simply need to visit, under the “Support” tab and go to “Warranty and Production Registration” to fill out the form and send it in. 

Process for receiving bulletins

Once registered, equipment owners will receive a notification via USPS registered certified mail when a new safety and product notice is released and a reminder 90-days afterward. Equipment owners may also request to receive notification via email; please email to submit a request for digital distribution.

After that, Genie will send out semi-annual (6-month) reminders for any open safety and product notices.

Once the directive in a safety and product notice has been addressed, and Genie has been notified of its completion, the owner will no longer receive reminders. 

This process helps ensure Genie equipment owners are always up-to-date about any safety and product notices issued for their machines. And, when it comes time to buy or sell a unit on the secondary market, the Genie safety and product notices process makes it easy for buyers to check for open bulletins. 

Also, if an owner wants to find out if there are any open safety and product notices on their machines, they can visit a local Genie distributor, email Genie at or give Genie a call at 800-536-1800. 

Genie also offers a safety and product notices app for mobile devices, helping customers stay up-to-date on our safety and product latest news. To download the app, type on any web browser, smartphone or mobile device. The first time it opens, users will be asked to add it to their home screen — all they need to do is “accept,” and the icon will appear on their device’s home screen.

Safety first

Safety is our number one priority at Genie, and the only way to achieve it is through a joint effort with our customers. It is everyone’s responsibility to help create a safe working environment. If there is ever a question about the condition of a Genie machine, owners should contact their Genie sales representative.

For more safety-related information, we encourage our customers and operators to stay current on Genie Safety Minute articles on Genie Aerial Pros website, as well as to be sure to be familiar with the operator manuals provided with each piece of Genie or Terex equipment.

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