Train the Trainer

Genie Lift Pro Train the Trainer courses are designed to qualify operators in the safe use of Aerial Work Platforms or Telehandlers and then provide additional helpful training techniques and information that can improve their ability to deliver a successful Genie Operator Training Course. After having completed the Train-the Trainer course, the trainee's employer must determine if they are then qualified, as defined by criteria set forth in OSHA and ANSI, to train other trainers or operators

The course is delivered using curriculum that combines both formal and hands-on training. Each participant will receive a Lift Pro Operator Training Kit upon successful completion of the course.

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Lift Pro Operator Training Kits

The Lift Pro Aerial Work Platform and Telehandler Operator Training Kits are available for qualified trainers for the purpose of training operators or other trainers. The kits consist of:

  • Reproducible trainers guide
  • Reproducible participants guide
  • CD and DVD training videos (not to be used as stand alone training)
  • Multiple sample operator manuals
  • Multiple ANSI Manual of Responsibilities
  • Ten certificates of completion and operator cards

These materials should only be used in their entirety with the rest of the kit contents and in conjunction with a trainer's extensive knowledge of both the industry and product to create an educational, interactive, and successful training course.

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