S-60X and S-65

Telescopic Boom Lift

Genie S-65 telescopic boom lift

Easily complete heavier lift tasks on construction and industrial jobsites with the Genie® S®-60X telescopic boom — offering a dual lift capacity of 750-lb (340 kg) unrestricted and 1,250-lb (567 kg) restricted — or the Genie S®-65 telescopic boom, up to 500-lb (227 kg) capacity.  


Genie S-60X

  • 360˚continuous rotation turntable for quick positioning
  • 50 ft 10 in (15.48 m) of horizontal reach
  • Virtual pivot primary boom aligns the machine’s center of gravity to work efficiently with a lower machine weight
  • Positive traction drive maintains equal power to all drive wheels and an active oscillating axle option enhances traction on rough terrain


Genie S-65

  • 56 ft 2 in (17.10 m) of horizontal reach
  • 360˚continuous rotation turntable for quick positioning
  • Smooth boom functions for finer control
  • Virtual pivot primary boom aligns the machine’s center of gravity to work efficiently with a lower machine weight

*Please note that these machines are no longer available in North America. Click here to learn about the Genie® S®-60 XC™ and S-65 XC telescopic booms.   
Specification Value
Max Platform Height S-60 X: 58 ft 4 in / S-65: 65 ft | S-60X: 17.79 m / S-65: 19.81 m
Max Horizontal Reach S-60 X: 50 ft 10 in / S-65: 56 ft 2 in | S-60 X: 15.48 m / S-65: 17.10 m
Below Ground Reach S-60 X: 5 ft 7 in / S-65: 8 ft 11 in | S-60 X: 1.70 m / S-65: 2.72 m
Platform Capacity 750 lb/1,250 lb | 340 kg/567 kg
Machine Width and Length S-60 X: 8 ft 2 in, 27 ft 9 in / S-65: 8 ft 2 in, 30 ft 11 in | S-60 X: 2.49 m, 8.46 m / S-65: 2.49 m, 9.42 m
Range of motion - Genie S-60 X and S-65 telescopic boom lifts

Chassis Options

  • S-60XC:  750 lb. / 1,250 lb. high capacity with automatic envelope control and rough terrain foam-filled tires
  • Tow package

Tire Options

  • S-60 Trax or S-65 Trax: Quadra Track System              
  • High floatation tires:  includes additional counterweight
  • Rough terrain, foam-filled tires (water based)                                                                                
  • Rough terrain, foam-filled tires (petroleum based)                                                                              
  • Rough terrain, non-marking air-filled tires                                                                   
  • Rough terrain, non-marking, foam-filled tires (water based)                                                               
  • Rough terrain, non-marking, foam-filled tires  (petroleum based)                    
  • Tire sealant: air-filled tires only

Engine Options

  • 60 hp Ford MSG425, gas/LPG Dual Fuel (not available on S60/65 Trax)
  • 74 hp Deutz Tier 4f TD2.9L4, turbo diesel (standard with Trax)
  • Diesel intake air pre-cleaner
  • LPS Fire protection rating: Ford engine only and requires LP only operation
  • Cold weather kit:  5W-40 synthetic engine oil, oil pan heater, battery heater and hydraulic tank heater
  • Ford engine gauge package: oil pressure, temperature and voltage

Lift/Turntable Options

  • Specialty hydraulic oil  (60 gal - cold weather, fire resistant, or biodegradable)
  • LPG tank, 33.5 lb. capacity: Ford engine only
  • Second battery
  • Hostile environment kit: cylinder bellows, boom wiper seals, platform and ground control box covers
  • Deluxe hostile environment kit: hostile environment kit, ring gear guard, cable track hose cover, air pre-cleaner


  • 4 ft. front-entry steel platform
  • 6 ft. dual entry or 8 ft. tri entry platform with ½ height mesh inserts and side swing gate
  • 6 ft. dual entry platform with side swing gate

Platform Options

  • AC generator, 110V/60Hz or 220V/50Hz, 3000W, hydraulically driven
  • Air line to platform: ½ in. inner diameter
  • Aircraft protection kit:  platform foam padding and padded disable system
  • Aircraft protection kit: with swing gate
  • Light package: 2 chassis mounted drive lights and 2 platform mounted work lights
  • Lockable platform and ground control box covers
  • Panel cradle package
  • Platform auxiliary top rail
  • Thumb rocker steering
  • Welder - Select Lincoln or Miller
  • Welder ready package
  • Traveling fall arrest anchor system: requires 6ft platform
  • Traveling fall arrest anchor system: requires 8ft platform


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