Brent Markwell

Territory Sales Manager NSW/ACT

Brent, who has been at Terex AWP since 2005, handles sales across NSW and the ACT.

Prior to starting with Terex AWP, Brent worked in the hire industry, including running National Tower Hire, in Wollongong. His experience in the sales and rental sides of the access equipment industry has given Brent an insight into what his customers are looking for, and how to tailor the right solution to their needs.

Brent was drawn to working at Terex AWP because of the people and the products. “There’s a lot of passion with the Genie product, because it’s very well engineered,” he says. “A lot of thought is put into ease of access to the main componentry for servicing and maintenance. A big part of the passion is how well our products are supported in service, tech support and parts availability.”

“Because the product is so good, I’ll sell the first one and after that they sell themselves,” says Brent.

Brent Markwell

M+61 439 770 159

For all sales and account management enquiries relating to Genie products and services in NSW and ACT, call Brent on 1800 788 633 or email